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Changing our Mindset about Overeating

I’m so tired of seeing all theses pill and drinks and things that are supposed to suppress your appetite or help you lose weight, in one way or another.  They don’t work.  Please don’t buy these and waste your money.  If you overeat, it is because you like to eat and you eat because it’s there.  It doesn’t matter if you’re hungry or not.  That’s not how overweight people think.  We see food and we want it.  Plain and simple. 

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Lying to fat people

Documentaries are the lazy mans book and I absolutely love them. I could sit on the couch all day and just watch documentaries and I have. I grew up fat, love food and have been in the food industry my whole career so it makes sense my favorite documentaries are about food. The last documentary I watched was called Fed Up. It’s downright scary when you hear about such carelessness that we have with our food and ourselves. I think the most appalling thing about the sugar epidemic in this country is that we are doing this to ourselves. The major corporations that add sugar on top of sugar in their products and then deny that their product is bad is atrocious. “The sugar industry is extraordinarily powerful and they’re in business to make money, not to keep America healthy” – Fed Up Being obese as a child. I am thankful I had a wake up call and started on a crusade, that I am still on, to live a healthy life. As I watch …

Can I talk to you about how fat you are?

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re fat.  Now, don’t argue with me because according to statistics, if you’re reading this and you live in the USA, you’re fat.  Come on!  You’re on a food blog.  You’re fat, it’s cool, whatever.  If you’re upset with me, you’re in denial and insecure and need my help.   If you laughed, you’re fat, happy and know who you are and you can stop reading. I said you can stop reading.  You know who you are. The reason I want to talk to you about this is because I used to be just like you.  Fat.  Boy was I ever fat.  I’m talking thigh rubbing hate the summer sweat in the winter folds of skin fat.   The scary part, is that I could return to Fatville any day now.  Especially since I’m in a loving relationship, happy, getting older and let’s be honest, the race is over so why not let myself go?   It’s on my mind constantly.  It’s easy to get to Fatville from here.  It’s …