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Bread Baking 101

My assistant Gilberto wanted to learn how to bake bread.  We all know I have zero patience so I wouldn’t be his best teacher.  We needed to find someplace and someone who would be nice to him.  Luckily we found Le Pain Quotidien. Fun Fact:  If you’re visiting New York City.  Ask five different people on the street how to find a Le Pain Quotidien.  All five people will correct the way you say it and all five will say it a different way. I signed my assistant and I up for Baking 101 at Le Pain Quotidien down on Bleeker Street. I’ve always been familiar with Le Pain Quotidien as a great place to grab a coffee and light lunch.  Their pastries are fantastic and their lunch and brunch options are always fresh and not over seasoned and heavy.  I had no idea they offered baking classes.  I’m certainly glad they do. First off, the class is in an open kitchen which always makes for some characters who stand and stare with curious and …