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Yellow Cake Mix Scones

I don’t know what my obsession is with cake mix, clearly I have a problem.  Maybe it’s the mid westerner in me coming out.  I love food out of a box, not gonna lie.  I am also tired of making scones, so this might be the last for a while, I’m moving on to biscuits. 

Sconer of the Month: Pumpkin with White Chocolate Glaze

My all time favorite movie is Tommy Boy.  I’ve seen it a million times, I quote it on a daily basis and to this day I still die laughing when I sit down and watch it.  One of my favorite parts is when Tommy tells his new step-brother that if he sent a photo of his mom to his buddies in college, she’d be “Boner of the Month”.  HA…kills me!! 

Pride Scones

Not too long ago I picked up a part time job on the weekends just for kix.  I found a place on the upper east side that just needed someone on the weekends to crank out scones.  Easy enough and they are mad cool and let me do whatever I want.  Obviously.