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Dulce de Leche Molten Cake

I made this a while back and paired it with a stout ice cream and pretzels.  It was damn good too!  Being a dick and thinking I was too cool to put up recipes, I neglected you all and for this I apologize.  So here now I am posting the recipe.  Why I waited so long is probably unforgivable since it’s probably the best recipe I’ve come across in ages. 

Warm Caramel Cake, Mother’s Milk Stout Ice Cream, Stout Chocolate Sauce and Pretzels

In September of 2010 I went to Sao Paulo to visit my beautiful amazingly cool greatest friend Michel.  Michel is an awesome guy, great friend and over the top talented.  I love me some Michel!!  I was originally scheduled to go see my friend Ruth in Chile, but due to the earthquake, things got shifted around and I diverted my flight over to Brazil.  A disaster turned into a positive.. a BIG positive.