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Jelly Roll Sponge Cake

I was trying to come up with cake recipes that were easy and throw togetherable at a moments notice. I may have mentioned in the past that I believe you should have a couple base recipes that you can build from. Recipes that are simple and easy, yet appear that you spent time on. Your friends will be dazzled and impressed by your skills when in reality, you have none. Recipes that are foundations that can always be built on. Enter the Jelly Roll Sponge.

Butternut Squash Flan

I love Butternut Squash strictly because I enjoy saying “Butternut”.   I want to put this recipe on the menu at work and call it “Butter my Nuts Squash Flan”.  They won’t let me.  They don’t take me seriously at work.  I don’t know why?

Brown Butter

I love brown butter and I use it a whole lot in my baking. It may be outdated or over used, yet so are my clothes and I don’t give a shit. I get gruff all the time for using brown butter and I thought to myself, “When have I ever cared for peoples opinion about me?”.

Honey Walnut Bread

The month of September happens to be National Honey Month and I am quite the lover of honey.  Granted the months almost over and now I produce a honey recipe which reminds me of my other love.  Procrastination.