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before and after photos of weight loss

Weight Loss is a battle until the day you die

Yes, I’ve been there.  I was extremely over weight, OK obese, topping out at 325 pounds when I was only 18 years old.  I would sweat just at the thought of going outside in the summer, clothes didn’t fit, I was uncomfortable all the time, out of breath at a simple task and my stomach was a wreck most the time.  That was 20 years ago and I’ve since maintained a comfortable and what they would consider a healthy weight but it’s something I have to be conscious of everyday.

a piggy bank jar for journaling and self healing

The Sanity Bank

Something new I’m doing for 2016 is investing in myself. I’ve tried putting money in an IRA or even a savings account but that takes money. Money means putting more time in at work. More time spent at work means depression. Depression leads to more shopping and drinking, which leads to no money to invest. That puts me right back where I started. No money to invest or save. I believe if I invest more time and energy in myself, things will balance out. That’s why I came up with the Sanity Bank. A bank that I can actually contribute too without having to put more time in at work and pile on the depression. A bank that I can deposit into that will make me stronger and happier. When I think I’m going under, I can go to the Sanity Bank and there is actually something to withdrawal. Happy thoughts and inner peace. I feel as though I’ve read every self help book out there. I started to talk about Wayne Dyer like I …