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Vanilla Jell-O Pudding Buttercream

Is this considered a food hack??  I guess it depends on who you ask.  When I was growing up you’d be considered a lazy bastard.  Nowadays, everyone is just too damn sensitive so it’s not nice to call people lazy bastards.  We have to call it a food hack.  I get it now.  You’re not a lazy bastard, it’s a food hack.  Wink, wink…

Cherry Tequila Sunrise

Fun fact:  It’s called a Tequila Sunrise because you drink it when you wake up in the morning. I don’t know if that’s true.  Actually, I’m sure it’s not.  I’m not going to Yahoo it to even find out.  Because I don’t care.  I myself think it’s pathetic and just downright sad to drink first thing in the morning.  Doesn’t mean I don’t, I just think it’s sad. For me though, thankfully I don’t crawl out of bed until noon.  I don’t prefer this time but my body does.  He’s a stubborn son of a bitch.  I lay in bed in the morning and say, “Oh man summers almost over.  I should get up and go outside and enjoy as much as possible.”  Then my body laughs and we go back to sleep. Tequila Sunrise is right up there for me as a favorite drink.  I’m more of a beer drinker but in the morning..err afternoon, while I’m getting ready for the day I prefer something a little more on the fruit side or healthier side. I’m …

Watermelon Tomato Salad

The first time I came across a watermelon tomato salad on a menu I scoffed.  “This can’t be any good.” I said to myself, out loud.  Well, that was the first time I was wrong that day.   I love when people experiment with food and flavors.  I loved the watermelon tomato salad so much that it has almost become my favorite summer salad.  Greek salad being my all time favorite salad, no matter the season.


Most people loved Friday’s at school because it was rectangle pizza day.  This did nothing for me.  I would grab the lunch menu for the month and give it a quick scan, BAM!  Weenie-Winks, third Wednesday of the month!  I was over joyous probably more than I should have been.  Make your jokes but when you’re a fatty-fatty-boom-boom anything that combines meat, cheese and rolled up in bread and baked.  Hold on….I need a moment….

French Faggots

Remember the Faggots we made last week?  Well, I had a couple left that I was pondering what to do with.  So I turned English Faggots into French Faggots.  In case you’re not familiar with Faggots, see the recipe from last week.  I don’t know what gave me the idea of throwing them in a croissant but it worked out when my friend Clark called them “French Faggots”.  I died laughing and so that means it works.