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Changing our Mindset about Overeating

I’m so tired of seeing all theses pill and drinks and things that are supposed to suppress your appetite or help you lose weight, in one way or another.  They don’t work.  Please don’t buy these and waste your money.  If you overeat, it is because you like to eat and you eat because it’s there.  It doesn’t matter if you’re hungry or not.  That’s not how overweight people think.  We see food and we want it.  Plain and simple. 

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What is your Theme? Sanity Bank Deposits for the month of May

Ever notice when you get a new pair of shoes that you seem to walk better? A little bit taller and with longer strides. That new outfit you bought and you’re walking down the street like you’re on a runway? Everyone has that song that puts them in a better mood. I’ve been walking down the street and “that” song comes on my phone and BAM! I’m walking taller, faster and in my mind I think I’m cool when really people are looking at me like I’m a shmuck. It’s all good to me. This months addition to our Sanity Bank we are going with a “Theme”. Every morning we wake up, we are going to pick our theme and live that theme. It’s a really cool idea. You know why entrepreneurs are as they are? Because they believe it. They go in with this mentality and confidence and they conquer. Am I a writer? Depends who you ask. I’ve heard people say some really awful things about me and I’ve heard people say wonderful …

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The Sanity Bank

Something new I’m doing for 2016 is investing in myself. I’ve tried putting money in an IRA or even a savings account but that takes money. Money means putting more time in at work. More time spent at work means depression. Depression leads to more shopping and drinking, which leads to no money to invest. That puts me right back where I started. No money to invest or save. I believe if I invest more time and energy in myself, things will balance out. That’s why I came up with the Sanity Bank. A bank that I can actually contribute too without having to put more time in at work and pile on the depression. A bank that I can deposit into that will make me stronger and happier. When I think I’m going under, I can go to the Sanity Bank and there is actually something to withdrawal. Happy thoughts and inner peace. I feel as though I’ve read every self help book out there. I started to talk about Wayne Dyer like I …