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What is your Theme? Sanity Bank Deposits for the month of May

Ever notice when you get a new pair of shoes that you seem to walk better? A little bit taller and with longer strides. That new outfit you bought and you’re walking down the street like you’re on a runway? Everyone has that song that puts them in a better mood. I’ve been walking down the street and “that” song comes on my phone and BAM! I’m walking taller, faster and in my mind I think I’m cool when really people are looking at me like I’m a shmuck. It’s all good to me. This months addition to our Sanity Bank we are going with a “Theme”. Every morning we wake up, we are going to pick our theme and live that theme. It’s a really cool idea. You know why entrepreneurs are as they are? Because they believe it. They go in with this mentality and confidence and they conquer. Am I a writer? Depends who you ask. I’ve heard people say some really awful things about me and I’ve heard people say wonderful …