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If I could make one thing healthy

A couple years back I was at a New Year’s Eve dinner party when a girl proposed the question.  If you could make one thing healthy, what would it be?  I knew instantly.  I almost got excited thinking that if my idea really would be healthy how wonderful things would be.  Everyone went around the room saying their predictable and lame answer as to what would be great if it were healthy.  How they would over indulge. “I would make cheese healthy!” “Potato chips!  I can eat the hell out of some potato chips”! “What would you make healthy Gus”? So much without hesitation because I thought my idea was genius and people would love it that I just blurted out, “Cigarettes”!! I didn’t receive the response that I had envisioned in my head.  The room fell silent.  I got looks like I had just drop kicked a puppy. “Cigarettes?  Really?” with faces dropped.   Now I was pissed. What is so bad about having an affection for cigarettes?  I used to smoke and absolutely loved …