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quiche in a loaf of bread recipe

Quiche in a Bread Loaf

The quiche in a bread loaf idea actually came out of an hallucination that I had. I think it’s considered an hallucinations. I’m not clear on the definition of a hallucination. I’ll just tell you the story and you let me know.

cinnamon roll cake recipe idea

Cinnamon Roll Cake

Remember last week we made the jelly roll sponge?  Hopefully you tried it and perfected it this weekend.  Because here is the cake I promised you.  The cinnamon roll cake.  Now you got something to work on this weekend.  

Oma’s Party Crackers

One of the best parts of being a kid is the Holiday’s. Luckily I grew up with a big family. They were fun, had great hearts (I mean that in the kind way. In the healthy way we have terrible hearts) awesome, always down for a good time and they loved to eat.