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Cappuccino Pots de Creme

If I haven’t already alerted you to my coffee obsession here is your intro. I recently went to the doctor for my annual physical and when she asked me how much coffee I drank, I received a shocked face. Actually verbalizing the amount of coffee that I take in on the daily kinda shocked myself. I never heard myself talk about my coffee problem. My intake is pretty high, I’m not going to lie. Taking down an 8 cup pot a coffee before I leave for work and then grabbing a cup at the deli for my commute to work does seem a bit high. Maybe I won’t stop by the deli on my way to work anymore. Save money. It’s a start. The more I thought about it, the cappuccino pots de creme just seemed like an excuse for me to get in another serving of coffee. It’s possible. There isn’t a lot of sugar in this recipe which I like, so you really get a good coffee flavor. I recommend that you use …

Baileys Pots de Creme

As I’ve mentioned in the past my Assistant Gilberto thinks I’m a raging alcoholic. Once he caught me putting a lot of Baileys in my coffee so he took it upon himself to deliver to my house a case of Baileys.