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Quiche-us Christ

I never liked Quiche because I grew up with an angry Mom.  Now I’m her angry son.  It’s not that we’re really angry.  We’re just angry when someone does something really stupid and people go crazy for it.  It’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” moments.

Tourist Tuesday with G and g | Black Ant and Friterie

This Tuesday we went to the East Village because Gilberto swears he’s never been there. Even though he has. We started at the most appropriate St. Marks Place. I love this area and it’s always fun to just stroll through. As usual we weren’t looking for anything in particular when we spotted a new Belgian fries place called Friterie. We split an order of fries with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce and a sesame peanut with scallions. The fries were done to perfection and the place is cool as well. It’s one of those places I have to go back because you know I’m going to have to try all the sauces. I’m a sucker for sauces. They could serve carrot sticks but if there’s a list of dipping sauces? I’m in line. We wandered a bit and came across a little gem called Black Ant. Black Ant has a sleek design that kind of feels out of place in the east village but the staff was great and chill, so they fit the bill. …