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What if I told you how awesome I was

Would you believe me? Probably not. Look at me. I don’t post many pictures of myself for fear people will make fun of me. I live across the street from a middle school and I have to leave my house before the kids get out at 2:30 or after 3:30 when they have all left the area. Kids are mean. Why is it anyone else can make fun of me and I laugh or shrug it off but kids can get to your core? Weird.

Speak up or go cry on the couch

I’m a big quote person. I have notebooks full of quotes that I have come across over the years that I love. I have even given these quote notebooks as gifts. Some love them and some look at me like I’m some kind of smart ass. I think the quote books are genius as gifts and I just tell myself that my friends are all assholes. Here’s where I’m going with this. A lot of quotes contradict themselves, are just plain stupid or are pure common sense. Yet, there is one quote that drives me nuts. Have you heard the quote: “Don’t take people’s attitude personal. They are going through something you know nothing about” Well, this may be true and I am very sorry about what they may be going through. Yet, I am not the one that put them in their position. Maybe their bad attitude or the fact that they are assholes put them in their predicament. Life is a sum of all your choices, as my dear friend Ndah wrote in …

Halloween cost more for white people

When I first moved to New York City I was living off the 1 train in the Bonx. Not that this has any relevance to the story. It was a trek up to the Bronx but I didn’t mind because the 1 train was absolutely fantastic for people watching. I still occasionally ride the 1 train to entertain myself. Hey tourists, riding the train is an experience don’t fear it.