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Mom’s Birthday Cake

Monday was my Ma’s Birthday.  You know what that means?  I had to make my yearly call.  HA!  I could just tell her I have to work a double, she won’t know.  Plus it’s the Holiday season so she knows work is busy, she’ll understand.  Or I could really piss her off and call during “The Price is Right.”  Nah, it’s her Birthday, I’ll be kind and wait.

Brandi’s Derby Hat

I am back in Ohio not even a month when my best friend Brandi give’s me work to do.  I wasn’t really concerned because if Brandi is up to something it is going to be pure tomfoolery and lot’s of laughter, plus if the job get’s done…  well, that’s a celebration in itself because usually when we are together, not a damn thing gets accomplished.

Warm Caramel Cake, Mother’s Milk Stout Ice Cream, Stout Chocolate Sauce and Pretzels

In September of 2010 I went to Sao Paulo to visit my beautiful amazingly cool greatest friend Michel.  Michel is an awesome guy, great friend and over the top talented.  I love me some Michel!!  I was originally scheduled to go see my friend Ruth in Chile, but due to the earthquake, things got shifted around and I diverted my flight over to Brazil.  A disaster turned into a positive.. a BIG positive.