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Yellow Cake Mix Scones

I don’t know what my obsession is with cake mix, clearly I have a problem.  Maybe it’s the mid westerner in me coming out.  I love food out of a box, not gonna lie.  I am also tired of making scones, so this might be the last for a while, I’m moving on to biscuits. 

Mom’s Birthday Cake

Monday was my Ma’s Birthday.  You know what that means?  I had to make my yearly call.  HA!  I could just tell her I have to work a double, she won’t know.  Plus it’s the Holiday season so she knows work is busy, she’ll understand.  Or I could really piss her off and call during “The Price is Right.”  Nah, it’s her Birthday, I’ll be kind and wait.

OSU Cake

I recently returned back to Ohio for my brother Josh’s 40th Birthday Party.  It’s hard to believe my brothers 40!   Damn we’re getting old.  Seems like yesterday we were riding bikes and playing football.   Actually, that was my brothers.  I was in the house baking cookies and eating pizza.  I used to be a fat fat fatty and I could kill a large pepperoni pizza for a snack.  Man, those were the days.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Brandi’s Derby Hat

I am back in Ohio not even a month when my best friend Brandi give’s me work to do.  I wasn’t really concerned because if Brandi is up to something it is going to be pure tomfoolery and lot’s of laughter, plus if the job get’s done…  well, that’s a celebration in itself because usually when we are together, not a damn thing gets accomplished.