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Roasted Banana Ice Cream

Still have the roasted bananas from the pecan pie recipe?  Good.. get them out of the fridge and pull the bananas out of the mix while it’s still cold.  It’s easier to pick out the bananas while the mix is still cold.  Place the bananas on a paper towel to soak up all the excess liquid. 

Lime Tarts with Banana Meringue, Honey Meringue and “Mango Not Gay Meringue”

Can I still call them key lime pies if I didn’t use key limes?? I have a love hate relationship with key lime pie.  I want to love it for its sweet and creamy beautiful texture but I want to hate it because there is nothing too it.  I especially hate when people put the green food coloring in.  Stop it!!  That all changed when I started working in Florida and the pastry chef I worked for used honey meringue on the key lime.  It blew my mind and I was starting to like key lime pie again. 

Lemongrass Panna Cotta, Juicy Fruit Gelee, Caramelized Rice Krispies

My friend called me and asked if I would be interested in doing a dessert with an ‘interesting concept’.  I am not going to lie, it’s not in my nature.  Unless it’s about how awesome I am.  So I will tell you, I do not like being put on the spot.  On stage.  Surprises.  So, I was super nervous.  What was she up to? This girl can’t be trusted.   I knew damn well she signed me up already anyway.