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Governors Island

One place I have heard so much about, especially in the summer here in New York is Governors Island.  For some reason to me it felt as though it was a day trip.  Not even close but it does feel like you took a road trip out of the city.  I am totally in love with the island. 

Tourist Tuesday with G and g | Black Ant and Friterie

This Tuesday we went to the East Village because Gilberto swears he’s never been there. Even though he has. We started at the most appropriate St. Marks Place. I love this area and it’s always fun to just stroll through. As usual we weren’t looking for anything in particular when we spotted a new Belgian fries place called Friterie. We split an order of fries with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce and a sesame peanut with scallions. The fries were done to perfection and the place is cool as well. It’s one of those places I have to go back because you know I’m going to have to try all the sauces. I’m a sucker for sauces. They could serve carrot sticks but if there’s a list of dipping sauces? I’m in line. We wandered a bit and came across a little gem called Black Ant. Black Ant has a sleek design that kind of feels out of place in the east village but the staff was great and chill, so they fit the bill. …

Tourist Tuesday with G and g

We originally thought it was going to rain because New York has THE worst weather reporting of any city I’ve ever experienced. I think they get their weather reports from the psychic hotline. So we thought we were going to the movies but it turned out to be a nice day.

Caracas Arepa Bar

I discovered arepa’s when I first moved to New York. I spotted them in the grocery store and of course they looked good and they had cheese. Cheese? Oh, you’re coming home with me. I’ve been hooked ever since. I wasn’t sure of the traditional way of how to prepare them, so I put them directly on the fire and they got a nice char on them. This worked for me and I found them delicious. I highly recommend checking out an arepa if you happen to be in a Spanish restaurant and they are on the menu. They are not like what you will buy in the grocery store so you must experience them in a traditional way. Recently a very dear friend was in New York and she introduced me to Caracas Arepa Bar in the village. How I was unaware of this place I’ll never know. Every time I have visited Caracas Arepa Bar since, it’s packed, no matter the time. For good reason too. It’s awesome! It’s a tiny little place …

Brooklyn Tourist

Touristy Tuesday’s with Gilberto

What better way to tool around town with Gilberto than to act like a tourist.  Gilberto talks to me in Spanish, I pretend to listen and understand.  We take photos of everything and ourselves.  We stop at random stores and buy random things.  Talk to the bartender and ask “What’s there to do in this town?”, which gives us New Yorker looks.   This may sound silly but honestly, what really is a better way to see a city than to be a tourist?  If you live in New York or just any town USA, you take it and everything there for granted.  You know that flea market you’ve been swearing that you were going to check out?  Yeah, well it closed three months ago.  Stop talking and start doing already.  Life’s passing you by and giving you the finger.