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Gooseberry Jam

Gooseberry Jam

It wasn’t until I moved to Florida and I was at my orientation for my new job that I encountered Gooseberries.  When we had our break during orientation I bee lined it for the dessert cart and picked up these little mini panna cotta’s with an interesting golden tiny tomato looking thing.  I thought being in culinary I should have known what they were so I didn’t ask.  I figured it was best to get my 90 days in before I looked like a fool. 

Arepas with fruit

Sweet Arepa’s with Yogurt and Fresh Fruit

Recently I have been on an arepa kick that has almost become ridiculous.  It came out of the sky and was just there and it’s been going strong ever since.   Recently to my recently I discovered sweet arepa’s and life hasn’t been the same. 

Ricotta Date Scones

Ricotta Date Scones

I think scones are going to be the new big thing.  Cupcakes are so 2000!  Scones are easier to carry and there’s no frosting to have to worry about getting all over your clothes.  Yes, there are crumbs but they are easy to brush off and they don’t stain like those cheap cupcakes you buy with the oily frosting.

Bailey's and Pepsi Float

Baileys and Pepsi Float

I have an unhealthy love affair with Pepsi. When I say unhealthy I mean that I can’t get enough of it and that I’m going fall in love, get hurt and break my heart unhealthy, not that it’s loaded with sugar give me Diabetes, stop my heart and kill me unhealthy. There is a difference and though I do know the unhealthiness will kill me, I continue. But which unhealthiness am I talking about? Aha!!!

Apple Toffee Bars

It seems as though everyone loves pastry in bars (I don’t mean the dirty dive bars that I hang out in) or pastry in ball form.  There’s a couple jokes there, bonus points if you can see the second one.  Go ahead and amuse yourself, I’ll wait….