15 Things That Annoy Me That Shouldn’t

man pounding desk yelling and screaming at people annoyed

Is it just me or does everyone have a short fuse nowadays? You could say I’m one of them and I wouldn’t disagree. But like a good human being I let it eat from within and not act out and be a complete douchebag like those walking around today.

I‘ve never taken myself or life seriously. Since the pandemic there is even lesser of a reason to take life seriously. It’s become and absolute joke.

I’ve learned in these trying times we need humor and laughter and to take things with a light heart more than ever. Things aren’t that serious and the little things aren’t worth fretting over.

Not a one of us is getting out of this alive. However, Betty White may be the first. We‘ll see.

So keeping with the lighthearted here is a list of things that annoy me that shouldn’t. Because really, nothing should really annoy us but lets be honest. Some things do…

15 Things That Annoy That Shouldn’t – 

1. People that back into parking spots.
2. Old people with long hair.
3. People that “just loooove anything red velvet”.
4. People who wrap gifts perfectly. Like they’re an engineer or something.
5. People that don’t drink coffee.
6. People that don’t pickup their feet when they walk. So fucking annoying.
7. People that don’t take “No” for an answer. Enough already people.
8. People that eat muffins for breakfast. It’s cake. You had cake for breakfast. Just say it.
9. People who drive gray cars.
10. People who tell you their age then tell you what they’ll be next. “I’m 47. I’m gonna be 48”. No shit!? That’s how that works huh?
11. People with dumb tattoos.
12. Fat people who are picky eaters.
13. Germaphobes.
14. People who don’t know how to chew gum. If I have to hear it or see it. Don’t chew it. Same goes for food.
15. People that take things seriously. Like lists and humor and themselves. Never understood it.

Well, there you have it. Another no reason to exist to list.

I hope I helped you procrastinate today. Hey, if it made you smile and feel normal. Was it really a waste of time?

I like to think not.

Make it a great day by being overly nice to assholes!!!

…say only this, but mean it with no reservations… I am responsible for what I see. I chose the feelings I experience…


**Photo courtesy of Pexels.com Andrea Piacquadio 

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