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Peach Botanical Vodka, Fresh Basil & Peach Nectar. You want to stay healthy right now. This shit show’s just begun & you’ll want to hang around to see the end.

Holy shit! Can we get it together people? I can’t drink this much. Just because I make minimum wage and don’t have my life together doesn’t mean I’m a kid.

It’s not that I don’t want to have my coping cocktail, I have to for sanity reasons but I can’t afford it.

Clearly, I’m disgusted and concerned with just about every goddamn thing going on in this country. Just like everyone else except the government.

As if our government sitting in there big homes with fat bank accounts can’t and won’t do a damn thing to step in and get this shit figured out.

That now, they have us fighting and hating each other.

On top of that mountain of shit, the media is fueling the fire and making it worse. Just as they always have and always will.

Where the fuck is my drink? May as well die broke.

peach & orange blossom cocktail

Here we go…..

Recently I’ve been back on the train and buses going back into Manhattan. Makes me feel good to know New York’s Metro system was just as unproductive at improving themselves as I was for the past six months.

Remember when we fought relentlessly against the FCC to keep them from censoring our creative expression and free speech?

Since they were losing they turned them tables and made us all hate one another instead of hating them.

Now we censor ourselves and each other.

Well played government. Well played.

You think those people that are rude and lazy are the ones who were destined to do the jobs that are going to automation?

I understand their anger.

Are the only qualifications to be one of the ladies on The View to be angry and hateful?

Why is it when us Americans travel to foreign lands we know to have the utmost respect for the laws and its people?

But in our own land not only do we not know better, we’re encouraged to have no respect for anyone or anything?

Why is it if you go outside and mingle in society we all get along and actually do know how to act amongst one another and show respect?

Then social media came along and we all magically started fighting and hating one another. Even our own friends and family.

Think there’s a connection there?

It appears we’re fighting hatred with hatred. Could this be the reason we’re getting nowhere?

If the news didn’t tell you who to hate. Who do you think you’d really hate?

I’ve always hated Ryan Seacrest.

We can no longer say:
If you could do anything and knew you couldn’t fail. What would you do?
We have to say:
If you could do anything and then blame anyone for why you failed. Who would you blame?

I would blame Ryan Seacrest.

Why don’t we forget all this fighting and just let everyone be YouTube stars?

Why is there a Royals section in my news feed? Like I give two shits about the Royals. I hate “celebrities” or anyone who even thinks they’re a “celebrity” let alone a Royal.

If I want to know about a fucked up family, I’ll call my Mom.

Speaking of…

Why is it I swore on my life I would never turn into my mother and here I am complaining and angry about everything?

That right there is enough to make me drink.

Notice how fat and round my face is. Booze and sitting on your ass will do that.

If you’re not compelled to drink. You my friend have some serious strength and should write a self-help book.

I would buy it. I read a lot of those. Clearly they don’t work.

Me? I’m grabbing a drink. You can join me but I don’t want to hear any complaining and political bullshit.

Note to Ketel One: How about using me as a brand ambassador? I’m a free agent and all yours. I got ideas. Most of them good. But after a couple of drinks they get weird. But we’ll talk. You’ll see.

Cinnamon Whisky is not my favorite. Used appropriately it can serve a purpose. I love cinnamon and basil combo. It’s magical and not used as much as it should.

I took fireball whiskey and dropped in 7 basil leaves and let it infuse. It gives it more of a sweet flavor and kills that burn when you drink it.

And to pair it with the Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom Vodka with Peach Nectar. You’ll be thanking me.

“You’re never ready for what you have to do. You just do it. That makes you ready.” 

The Cats Pajamas

1/2oz Cinnamon Basil Whiskey
1 1/2oz Ketel One Peach & Orange Blossom Vodka
1/4oz fresh lime juice (bar spoons worth)
Peach Nectar (I used Goya and it’s delicious)

-build everything except peach nectar over ice in a shaker
-shake violently and strain over ice in a rocks glass
-top off with peach nectar

vodka cocktail