Wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t a bad thing. Dealing with the pain and understanding of people that don’t. Will kill you.

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As I was scrolling though Facebook I realized two things happened. First, I got angry and sad. Which I think most people do. Second, I signed out and took a well needed break.

It dawned on me that seeing photos of people whom I thought were decent people were associated with people who are just bad people. They probably aren’t aware or never been on the receiving end of their maliciousness.

I understand this and we are probably all friends with someone who is the asshole in someone’s life story.

However, what lit my heart on fire is as to why this bothered me.

These bad people are just that. Horrible people that do bad things to good people. Whatever those horrible things are.

Think of someone you know who is just out for themselves and just a plain bad person. Insert that name here.

Now, what is about that person that destroys you the most?

People don’t see what’s so bad about them.

Volunteering for a crisis line for years. I’ve had my eyes open to people with addiction, immense pain and heartache. Most the time inflicted by someone whom they loved or trusted at one point in their life.

People with a genuine good heart. They can’t wrap their brain around the thought that people can be so horrible.

On top of that, they can’t believe that other people don’t see it.

Most people with addictions and broken hearts suffer from the same thing.

It’s not so much what this person has done or continues to do. It’s the fact that, other people have never been subjected to their gruesome behavior or witnessed it. That they fail to believe you.

Thus making you a bad person. Weird for not liking them anymore and shutting them out of your life. It must have been your fault you are not friends, family or tied somehow.

Worse, they could have told people lies to make you look like the horrible person.

Those that are quiet or would rather be left alone. Don’t want to talk about their problems. Don’t want to address their addictions.

Are the true victims of peoples malicious behavior. Are the true good people in this world.

They would rather take their anger and sadness out on themselves rather than on other people. Because they can’t fathom the thought of hurting people like they’ve been hurt.

This is true sadness, heartbreak and depression.

For now on when someone is not friends with someone anymore. Doesn’t talk to a certain person anymore or want anything to do with them. When they don’t want to talk about what happened.

They were hurt. Hurt bad by someone they trusted. Someone they once loved.

They are trying to figure out why people, especially this person that they loved or trusted. Could be so horrible and inhuman.

Even deeper. How others could want to be with them and associate with such a bad human being.

Acknowledge these people. Talk to these people. The silent, lonely, some even with substance abuse addictions, distant themselves from all ties to that horrible person.

These are your good people out there. Bothering no one. Taking their sadness to the heart and mind. Trying to figure that sadness and confusion in their solemn loneliness.

These are the people we should be making our people. These people are good people. Big hearted, kind, loving, loyal and most trustworthy people.

You don’t put down other people and hurt other people to prove your worth. Good people keep to themselves and protect their happiness. We treat people how we want to be treated and give love.

When you try to figure it out. All that does is lead to depression or addiction to kill the pain and trying to understand.

You can’t. You won’t ever. Bad people are just that. Bad people.

Leave them. Walk away. Go find who I just described. There’s a lot of us out there. Especially now. I have a feeling there will be a lot more of us as time goes on.

“We do not need guns and bombs to bring peace. We need love and compassion.” – Mother Teresa

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