Making breakfast wearing you down? The Ziploc omelette you can start the night before and it cooks while you get ready. Breakfast is now when you say so.

omelette made in ziploc bag

OK, The Mexican Omelette was pretty cool. We all loved it. I’m sure you’ve been making it like crazy and your family is hooked. Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet. And yes, I’m well aware the Ziploc Omelette looks like its got a mouth. See, it’s fun too!!

Behold…. the Ziploc Omelette.

The Ziploc Omelette sounds like a gimmick. But somewhere I can’t say. Someone is stealing my idea and getting ready to ship it the USA.

The Ziploc Omelette was invented out of pure convenience and simplicity. Simplicity is my middle name.

I love omelette’s but hate making them. Just like I love money but hate working.

I think that’s most everyone though.

The Ziploc Omelette is literally, throw everything together in a bag. Throw it in a pot. That’s it. I got nothing else.

The easiest recipes (yet the most genius) I have for you the less I know how to talk about them. I feel like they speak for themselves.

The Ziploc Omelette came about because I care about you. My fans.

I know you’re all so busy pretending to be busy. Arguing and sharing hate filled shit on Facebook. Those Netflix shows that you just can’t pull yourself away from. Online shopping with your unemployment and credit cards.

You don’t have time to cook. You also can’t explain you’re weight gain. Must be your thyroid.

I totally get it. Completely.

omelette ziploc bag omelette ziploc bag recipe

So I came up with the Ziploc Omelette. You can prepare this the night before during one of you drunken escapades. Wake up in the morning. Drop it in a pot of simmering water and Tah-Dah! You have an omelette.

I know I say this with a lot of my recipes but the Ziploc Omelette couldn’t be easier or more fool proof. It’s so easy Joyce could do it.

If you knew who Joyce was. This woman is a piece of work. Let me tell you. If she can do it and you can’t? You should be embarrassed.

The Ziploc Omelette can be done the night before so your Ziploc Omelette can be cooking while you get ready for work. Whenever you get a job. You have breakfast right before you head out the door. Hell, take it with you. Eat it in the car.

I ain’t done with the Ziploc Omelette. Follow me on Instagram as I show you many other things you can do with the Ziploc Omelette.

You’ll love it. Trust me.

Grab your favorite ingredients for an omelette and let’s get going.

Note to S.C. Johnson & Son: I’m looking for company endorsements and I’m a whore. Use me! I’m full of crazy yet appropriate and useable ideas. 

Action cures fear and boosts confidence



What you are going to do for the Ziploc Omelette:



Fill your pot with water and put it over medium to low heat. Simmering. You should see the little bubbles on the bottom of the pan. Lay a wash cloth in the water. You’re going to rest your Ziploc omelette on the cloth so the plastic doesn’t melt to the bottom of the pan.

Second you’ll need-

1 Ziploc Sandwich Bag
2 paper clips
3 whole eggs
Fillings of your choice

-peppers (Not green peppers. Those are gross)
-more cheese
-then more cheese if you want
Salt and pepper

-Add your fillings to the Ziploc Bag about half way up. Don’t fill the bag like an asshole.
-Whisk your 3 eggs with a little salt and pepper. Pour into the Ziploc Bag. Mush and roll around your egg to make sure all the filling ingredients are covered in egg.
-Then, get as much air out of the bag as possible. Then roll the bag down just to the top of the egg. It should be round and cylinder in shape. Make sure it stays in place with the two paper clips.
-Go ahead and drop that in your simmering water on top of the washcloth that you’ve laid in there.

Let simmer for approximately 10-15 minutes. By poking the sides with your finger it should feel a little firm and set like an omelette.

If it takes longer that’s fine. You probably just have the heat a little too low. Don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s your first time. You’re going to be making a lot of these. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Pull from the water like you just caught a fish. You can hold it up and take a pic if you like. Cut the bag open. Squeeze out on to a plate. You got an omelette.

Told you it was easy!

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