The Mexican Omelette is redefining our breakfast order and taking social media by storm. But how when no one seems to give a shit?

mexican omelette

The Mexican Omelette. Half burrito, half omelette. For those, like myself, who can’t make a decision to save their souls.

I guess you could also call it a breakfast quesadilla but between you and me. That would just make you sound like an asshole.

Omelette’s are a breakfast staple but they need updating. Seriously.

mexican omelette

The food scene has evolved and changed quite considerably. Omelette’s haven’t got an update since they were invented back in 1512.

That’s just an estimate. But it’s been a long time.

The Mexican Omelette brings forward fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. Change and growing and new horizons are always a good thing. Nothing last’s forever.

Some people think changes are bad and people don’t like them. Especially the over 40 crowd.

I think The Mexican Omelette will win them over.

And if not, fuck em!

Allow the flow of life to take you wherever it takes you. 


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mexican omelette idea

The Mexican Omelette

For an 8 inch pan
Makes one Mexican Omelette

2 eggs
1 – 8” flour tortilla
Salt and pepper to taste
Fillings of your choice which may or may not include:

DO NOT USE HAM!!! Ham is for ham and cheese omelette’s ONLY!! I don’t make the rules.

Here’s what you’re going to do:
-Crack your eggs into a bowl and whip up as you would if you were making scrambled eggs. Add a little salt and pepper.
-Pour into your nonstick pan or buttered cheap pan from TJMax that’s on medium heat.
-Immediately place your soft flour tortilla on top of the eggs. Press lightly to ensure that the egg is evenly dispersed around the tortilla and to the edge of your pan. Let cook approx 3 minutes
-With a spatula, flip over egg and tortilla. Continue cooking while you fill your Mexican Omelette with all your favorite goodies.
-Fold over as you would a traditional Omelette and KaPow!! Mexican Omelette.

mexican omelette recipe