Often we are wrong and it takes a decent Human Being to offer an apology. These 10 Things we will not apologize for.

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In a world such as today the hardest thing to be is ourselves. With social media and every asshole and their mother making comments and being critics.

The voices are deafening. It’s difficult and straining at times. Even the toughest tough guy or girl gets their feelings hurt sometimes.

But not all the time. Here are some things to feel good about that won’t hurt your feelings if anyone says anything and sure as hell don’t require your apology.

1. Cutting off bad people. Bad people, toxic people, assholes whatever the hell you want to call them. It doesn’t matter. These people disturb your mental and physical health. Yes, family too. They disrupt your every day life. Making times unpleasant and uncomfortable. Cut them out of our life. Life is too damn short for these people. Don’t apologize for it because they sure as hell don’t apologize for their behavior. So you’re even. There.
2. Living your damn life. This one pretty much sums up the whole list but I like the list idea anyway. Makes it more specific and more comforting. Love every part of your life, body, personality and soul. We are all human and divine. We are all here to enjoy the God given right to live a life that makes us happy and feel loved. Don’t you ever apologize for it. Ever.
3. Your humor – Yes humor. People are sensitive, miserable, easily offended and on and on. There’s always someone and nowadays everyone who doesn’t find a damn thing funny. Even if you make fun of yourself. You know all those things you and your friends talk about and joke about? Well, if they were ever made public and put on Twitter. They would call for you to lose your job and be banished from Earth. Laugh, have fun and harm no one.
4. Your style. Seems simple but I like this one. Whatever you wear. Wear that shit with confidence. I don’t care if it’s Prada or some dollar store pieces you put together. Hold your head up high, shoulders back and walk down that street like you own the damn thing.
5. Your love life. Tied to a bed with three partners or laying there with a bag of chips on your chest watching TV. It’s no ones damn business what you do behind closed doors in your own house. Mind your damn business.
6. Your career. Love what you do and do what you love. I don’t care how much money you make and what you do for a living. You chose that and I chose this. See how that works? Free to decide. Move along now.
7. Your money. What I do with my money shouldn’t be anyone’s business anymore than #5. When you take care of me then you can ask me where the money’s going. Until then, I don’t need the lecture. My Mom and Dad were the best parents in the world who raised me to take care of my damn self and be an adult. They didn’t raise me to be some free loader or manipulator who runs to Mom, Dad, Grandma or anyone else to take care of their every need. I take care of my damn self. Leave me alone.
8. Your habits. I drink coffee. A lot. I don’t need you to preach the unhealthy benefits of coffee. We all have our habits and vices. Fuck off already. I’m an adult I know the consequences of what I do and I will deal with them. Why do we still do this to people?
9. Your time. If I want to leave the party, I will leave the damn party. I don’t have to offer an excuse. I don’t need to explain. I’m ready to go. My time is precious. If there was a minimum time to spend at the party you should have stated that on the invite. I would have based my decision on that. You didn’t. Bye.
10. Your body. You look amazing. Love you. Take care of you. Be you. Fat, skinny, ugly, white, black, Asian, rich, poor and on and on. Forget these assholes that take pictures of people to share on social media to shame them. Shame on them. Nobody’s perfect and nobody has the right to call out what’s not perfect, what is perfect and who should be made fun of. Be you and don’t apologize for it. Ever. Live your life and love it.

You can’t win. Nobody can. What’s right today, will probably be wrong tomorrow.

Fuck it. That’s my favorite saying.

Don’t worry about a thing. It’s all just noise. Live. Be kind. Harm no one. Work hard and mind your business.

“Whatever you fight, you strengthen and what you resist, persists.” – Eckhart Tolle 


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