No motivation, social skills, lazy and never been on time anywhere in your life? The world is looking for people just like you. Today is your day to shine my friend.

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The cashier who doesn’t acknowledge your existence. The bartender with the worst attitude. The nurse who could give a shit about your well being. Your government who steals and lies right to your face.

And we’re all good with it.

Clearly, it is your time to shine.

It doesn’t matter what little talent you have. How much you steal and lie. How photoshopped your pictures are. Just make sure America and Twitter like you and you will be just fine.

Market yourself and you are well on your way to the top.

If being a bartender means you have to have a personality and social skills. I can’t imagine there will be much competition.

I recently completed a bartending school. I had a blast. Money well spent.

All the reviews and blogs I read about bartending school all said the same thing. That it was a complete waste of money. I disagree.

If you want to be a bartender it’s about personality, social skills and being outgoing.

Who the fuck has that nowadays?

Go to Bartending school. Make connections and learn a couple things. It will help you tremendously.

Connections trump skill, talent and personality. Even more so than ever.

Todays customer service consists of avoiding eye contact, hoping that your presence means “Hey, how are you?” and hoping they just point to a drink on the menu. Avoiding any talking or interacting whatsoever.

Customer service is not only a thing of the past. Service in general is a thing of the past.

Skill is not necessary these days. Showing up for work is 99% of it. Hard work and putting in the time. You know why people lose their jobs? 99% don’t show up.

“Yo Dave sucks at his jobs and he’s such an asshole. But he doesn’t call out like the other douchebags so….”

That’s it. You just gotta show up. Isn’t that great?!

The other people you work with are probably more skilled and personable than you but they don’t show up or quit. That puts you at the top my friend.

Skill and talent? Yeah, it helps but personality, integrity, loyalty. Don’t… need… none of it.

Look at todays “Celebrity” pool. Right? Showing up and/or just being rich makes you a “celebrity”.

Let’s get moving America. Now is your time to shine!

“My brain is a cross between a colander and Lazy Susan – thin, slow and it leaks.” – Ron White


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