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Sparkly Blueberry Sake – This months coping cocktail to help deal with all the bullshit.

sake champagne blueberry cocktail

My coping cocktail at the moment is the Sparkly Blueberry Sake. All this quarantine and sitting at home has me depressed. The news and peoples behavior. Makes me ill.

I need to cope somehow. Denied unemployment, denied pandemic assistance and still waiting on that stimulus. Unless they denied that too.

At least I have my tax return. That will help. Oh wait, they said they won’t get to that until maybe July.

The government said, “This guys a cook. He must be loaded. Fuck em.”

Makes me so proud to live in this great country. America! Keeps getting better and better.

America. Ready to attack and take over any country at a moments notice. Take care of its own? Uh, well… we’re still working on that.

Here are some things I’m currently trying to cope with. As if that shit wasn’t enough!

sake champagne blueberry cocktail


These people wearing masks over their mouths and not their nose. It’s like wearing a condom only on your balls.

Is it me or has social media just made you hate people you thought you liked?

And just when you thought things couldn’t get worse. Tik Tok.

Do you think other countries are pissed off that they spent their money on military and bombs?

Not knowing they could have just sat back and watched us destroy ourselves.

Other than rich people and politicians. Who do you think is getting rich off the pandemic?

Hookers and drug dealers. That’s what my dealer told me anyway.

Speaking of…Do you think the rate of STD’s has dropped during the quarantine?

Ever notice when you watch the Oscar’s everyone is dressed so elegantly and dashing.

Then you watch the Grammy’s and everyone’s dressed like you let your kid dress themselves for the first time.

Why the hell are the Kardashians still alive? The fact that they are considered a “news story” is a big indicator as to what direction this country is headed.

If we’re not there already. Which I think we kinda are. Read above.

Is Madonna just a fucked up in the head egomaniac or is she lacking that gene that makes you feel embarrassment?

Thank God for great friends who give you a bottle of Sake as a gift.


I’ve gotten worried that drinking could be the reason I have these thoughts and now I need to cope with that.

I’m ready for this pandemic to be over with. I miss wandering the streets of New York until 4am.

I wonder if after the pandemic if that will even be safe?

Eh, like I give a shit.

Get ready for the Sparkly Blueberry Sake.

sake sparkling champagne blueberry cocktail


It’s spring time and I couldn’t be happier. Wait, I don’t know if I’m even happy at all?

Great amazing friends of ours gifted us a bottle of Sake and I fell in love with It. Japan is the coolest country ever. I love it there. It should be on everyone’s to visit list.

Every day the media tells people what to do. They should tell them to drink sake.

For the Sparkly Blueberry Sake, I used the sake our friends gave us obviously. I’m not super schooled on sake. However, I would suggest something on the light side. More fruit forward and clean flavor.

Some sake’s can be, for me, and not to be mean. Intense and gross.

Some sites I recommend that have helped guide and educate me:
Tippsy Sake

Boutique Japan

The Japan Pantry

Once you’ve selected your Sake of choice. It goes like this –

For The Blueberry Sake

720ml bottle of Sake
100g Dried Blueberries

Drop your blueberries down in your bottle. Let that sit minimum of three days.

For the cocktail

1/2oz. Lemon Juice
2oz. Blueberry Sake

-combine your blueberry sake and lemon juice over ice. Stir and stain into a coupe glass and top with champagne.

Enjoy Spring!!! It doesn’t last long.


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