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Bullying has been around since the beginning of time and it’s not ever going away. The unfortunate truth.

sunflower and the unfortunate truth about bullying

Bullying is horrible let’s get that out of the way. They’re just kids. They don’t realize the harsh realities of life yet so we want to protect them. Understandable. 

Growing up I was bullied. I didn’t know this. Bullying didn’t exist when I was growing up. It was never called that. Kids were just considered assholes. I know I was.

Still am according to my neighbor.

At the same time we need to tell them the truth. They will deal with bullies their whole life.

Brandon’s a piece of shit. No one likes him. The only ones that like him are the ones that are scared to ignore him or go up against him.

The teachers hate Brandon too. The whole faculty hates Brandon. More so, they hate his parents.

Bullying goes on in the real and corporate world as well. There are Brandon’s everywhere.

And no one likes them. No one.

They pretend to like them because people are weak and sheep. Standing up to a bully is terrifying to most.

And his parents? Well, they know Brandon’s a piece of shit too but it’s their kid, they love him and he can do no wrong.

His parents will be your bosses in life. They know Brandon is nothing but trouble and a worthless shit too but their little Brandon is the best. So they let him get away with his bullshit.

Not only does he get away with it. They defend it and protect it. Because they too are scared of Brandon.

Get used to it. It’s everywhere in life. Work, insurance companies, cell phone carriers, DMV and on and on.

You know who is the biggest bully in the world? Our government.

Our own government bullies us and the world.

Did you hear about Anne Sacoolas? She hit and killed a kid on his motorcycle in England. Bitch hopped a plane back to the states and claimed Diplomatic Immunity.

The best part is that our governments like, “Yeah, Diplomatic Immunity. Can’t touch her. What you gonna do? Run to your Queen and cry?”

No ones above the law right? Wrong.

We even consider England a friend. Friends don’t exist in the bullying world my friend.

Anne doesn’t even have the legal right to kill. I mean, she doesn’t have Diplomatic Immunity.

So why is our government protecting her and defending her killing a child? She’s the governments Brandon. That’s why.

More importantly why isn’t Prince William pounding on the front door of The White House yelling for Trump to hand the bitch over?

Now that Anne Sacoolas is back here in the states. Clearly our government lets her get away with murder. Who’s she going to mow down here?

You think the playground bully is bad. Well here comes Anne trucking through the school zone wiping out kids.

She just yells out the window, “Diplomatic Immunity you lil shits!!”

P.S. If I disappear. You know who did it. But can’t touch her anyway so it was nice knowing you guys.

Little Becky has her YouTube channel. Get ready for the comments Becky. You won’t like them.

Wait until Becky tries to buy a house and the bank laughs at her? Who is she going to run and cry to for help? The government?

Ha!! Anne’s their lil angel. Not you.

It’s best we teach our kids now to defend themselves and grow a thick skin because it’s only going to get worse. I don’t agree with it and I don’t like it anymore than you do but it’s true.

When you’re a kid it’s considered Bullying. When you’re an adult it’s called Drama. 

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