Gluten Free Pancakes and 2 out 5 Rules for Success

gluten free pancake recipe

Generally I don’t think or work in a gluten free mindset. Not my forte. However, when I was asked by my dear friend to work on gluten free waffles. Impossible to say no.

Yeah, I said waffles because that was the intention. But I threw out my waffle iron years ago because it was sticky, gross and everything stuck to it. Side note: Pam spray is the devil on your kitchenware. Don’t use it!

So I practiced them as pancakes and man did I love them!

They were light, fluffy, golden and downright delicious. Not to mention really easy. They were like, are you ready for this? Pancakes. Yeah, and they were gluten free with no sugar. OK, I used honey which some may still not like and consider sugar. Any Keto assholes here?

Doesn’t matter because I dump enough maple syrup on them that when I’m done I can dump some syrup back in the bottle. Hey, that real shits expensive. This guys on a budget.

I’ve always loved pancakes but they never sat right with me. They always were heavy and just sat in my stomach all day.

The gluten free pancakes are so welcoming for me. They are pancakes in every way without the brick in my stomach.

When I am cooking and baking in the house. I usually have on a YouTube channel or some kind of documentary going. Listening to entrepreneurs or some kind of inspiring story of someone that made it big. Gives me hope for my friends that will one day make it big and give me a job.

gluten free pancakes and 2 out of 5 rules for success


One day this guy Simon Sinek came on while I was cooking. Have you heard of this one? Well if you thought Tony Robbins spoke out his ass. Grab a cocktail and listen to this guy.

This guy was talking about his five rules for success or something. I don’t care what they are and not going to bother to look, because why?

I’m not in perfect order of his rules or what they all were because after hearing these two rules I couldn’t listen anymore. It went like this:

Rule 1: He was in a marathon and at the end were free bagels. His friend complained the line was too long so Simon went to the front, cut in line and took some bagels. The rule – don’t let anything stand in the way of what you want. As long as it doesn’t prevent other people from getting what they want.

I hope his friend didn’t let the thought of finding better friends stand in his way.

Let’s say the last two people waiting in line didn’t get the last two bagels. These two people who waited respectfully and like good samaritans in line WERE prevented from getting bagels because you jumped the line. Thus preventing them from getting what they wanted. Nice.

Feel free to march into the break room at work tomorrow and eat whoevers lunch you wish. If they get pissed off just bark “Hey, the grocery store has plenty of food. I ain’t stopping you from eating!”

Rule 2: Way back in the day babies were dying at an alarming rate in the hospital. A doctor proposed that it was because doctors weren’t washing their hands. He was told this was ludicrous. When hand washing was finally implemented, babies stopped dying. The rule – Sometimes you’re the problem.

Uh huh. When you talk about sometimes you being the problem you wouldn’t happen to be referring to line jumping and helping yourself to whatever you want would you?

You know this was about the time people were looking around the room like “If there’s no open bar at our Christmas party this year because they paid for this asshole. I’m gonna be pissed!”

gluten free pancakes breakfast ideas

This is where I quit listening to his rules. After hearing the story of this douche jumping a line already pissed me off. Then to say that sometimes you’re the problem. Does this guy listen to himself talk?

This is where people listen to him and say “Yeah, I’m going to do what I want and fuck people over so I can be successful.”

You know who’s had this business plan since the beginning of time? The government.

This guy built a business out of this shit? He just stole the governments business module and now he’s worth big bucks.

Maybe he’s actually on to something? Maybe that’s why I don’t like the guy? Be a douche, talk out your ass and sell it. If only I had the balls to do this. And what pisses me off? People are buying this shit left and right.

Which leads me to my new book titled – How having a conscience and not being a douchebag is keeping you poor.

I learned a lot about not having a conscience and being a douchebag from my last job. They gave me plenty of material. I’ll start working on the book tomorrow.

First I’m going to finish my pancakes and drink my syrup. Does sugar give anyone else raging headaches or is it just me?

If I keep from imposing on people, they become themselves. – No idea who said this

Gluten Free Pancakes

1/2c. Milk/almond milk (your call – I used both with great success)
1c. Almond flour
1/2tsp. Baking powder
2Tbsp. Vegetable oil (Any neutral oil works – grapeseed, canola, corn)
2Tbsp. Honey
2ct. Eggs
1/2tsp. Vanilla extract
Pinch salt

Combine all and whisk together until smooth. Let sit for one hour in the fridge or on the counter top.

Should make 6 lovely pancakes unless you’re a greedy bastard and/or Simon follower.

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gluten free pancakes rules for success gluten free pancakes rules for success gluten free pancake recipe