Gluten Free Banana Bread in Collaboration with Vida Salveo

gluten free banana bread

A very dear friend of mine, Leila, just recently started her blog.  Vida Salveo is about health is wealth and living your best life free of stress and getting back to basics in our food and products. She writes from her soul and is just her being her so it’s beautiful and a joy to read.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Leila years ago on Amelia Island Florida. My first impression of Leila was that she was approachable, warm and welcoming. She never spoke ill of anyone and was never judgemental of anyone’s actions.

Leila said something when we first met that has stuck in my mind that I wished I had used and stuck too as she had. When asked why she never went out often with the crew after work and grab beers. Leila made the comment that as often as we went out to the bar you could have put that money away and traveled. And traveled she did.

Leila is one of the few I’ve kept in touch with and shared our lives and so happy that we did. I have learned as I’ve gotten older life really is about the people that you choose to surround yourself with and I am grateful and thankful to still be able to call Leila a friend.

Leila is in the process of raising two beautiful daughters, married to the nicest dude you’ll ever meet in your life Jeremy, manages so many houses she’s lost count, and she recently published a children’s book. I know, by all means you should hate her. But you can’t because she’s too damn nice, down to earth, humble, grateful and funny.

gluten free banana bread

Leila inspires me and makes me want to work harder. The woman is raising two girls and wrote a children’s book. I can’t even put a post up a week? That’s just sad.

When you read Leila’s blog, the first thing you notice is when she tells you about herself. “Resident of the world, student of life”. How wonderful is that?

These are the types people you should surround yourself with and be thankful are in your circle. I’m thankful everyday for Leila.

The best thing about Leila is that the girl is never without a smile. And its infectious.

When Leila contacted me about making a dessert gluten free or at least a bit healthier than my usual round of desserts. I would never turn down a chance to work with Leila. I became the student and I had a blast working on this project.

The Gluten Free banana bread is sugar free as well. It gets plenty of sweetness from the bananas. The bread looks dense but is actually light and melts in your mouth thanks again to the sweetness of the bananas.

I am proud of this Gluten Free Banana Bread and hopefully it won’t be the last working with Leila. Even better, Leila was able to take the recipe and make it vegan. Isn’t she awesome?

To make this recipe:

Get over to Vida Salveo to find the recipe for the Gluten Free Banana Bread and thanks to Leila the vegan alternative. Stay for a while and check out her wonderful outlook on life and healthy living. I know she’ll inspire you as well. 

gluten free banana bread


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