You can Hate without being Hateful. 13 Things I’ve learned.

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I know too many people that say they don’t hate anyone. I say that’s bullshit. I know hate is a strong word. It really is and I agree. We shouldn’t hate one another or a thing. We really shouldn’t.

This is life and we do hate. Let’s be honest. Boy I know I do.

This is what I’ve learned about life so far which makes it understandable why we’ve become so hateful. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The things I’ve learned so far:

1. Everything’s perspective. Not everyone views the world the same as you. Especially when it comes to politics and religion. We all see things differently and believe differently. Its totally up to you. Do as you wish. I respect yours, you respect mine. Plain and simple and we move on.

2. Everyone has a different opinion. About you, about a restaurant, a car, a city, a job and on and on. People I hate some people think are great. Foods I like some people hate. Don’t spend time thinking about it. Do what you want. Ignore the voices. This probably could have gone under number one.

3. Keeping your integrity is not easy but totally worth it. You’ll never regret being a kind soul. Of course it’s frustrating watching the douchebags get ahead but you’ll sleep so peacefully. Whenever lies are spewed about you you’ll know exactly that. They’re just lies. It is true you’ll finish last but you’ll finish with a smile on your face and no one will have anything bad to say about you. I mean, they will say bad things about you but to take the notice off them for being malicious bastards and the shit they pulled to get ahead. But you and the people that you care about know the truth and you can sleep soundly.

4. People love to hate on people. For no other reason than they simply hate themselves. People hate people that live with integrity, good hearts, honesty, love and peace. People who chase their dreams, are happy, successful and believe in themselves. Because these are all the things they are not. When someone hates you out of jealousy. That’s the best kind of hate. I find this kind of hate flattering. When you’re living an honest life. Rejoice in their hatred. It means you’re living right.

5. People put themselves in a situation and choose to stay there. Some people just love to roll around in shit and stay there their whole life. I don’t understand this life and stay away from these people. Negative as all hell these people. The worst. Drama and headaches is all they are. You know the one when you ask them how their day is, they go off on a rant and they never feel good and their always tired. It’s too hot outside. It’s too cold outside. Oh man. Hate these people.

6. Majority of people are weak. There are people who will believe everything they’re told regardless of how much truth they see. There are people that will let people lie, manipulate, use and cheat them. People will hate you just because of what someone else told them about you or they straight up told them not to like you. People will not go to a restaurant because of what some asshole on the internet said. Those that don’t seek the truth will believe everything they’re told. People follow crowds because they can’t think for themselves. Think for yourself. It’s better to be alone and living your best life than to be surrounded by douchebags.

7. There’s a lot of shady shit going on out there and there’s a lot of shady people defending those shady people. Be careful. This goes back to rule number 6. The weak will follow anyone. Whether it’s a good deed or a bad deed. Don’t deal with people that can’t think for themselves.

8. Loud does not mean funny. Loud is insecurity. Fear. Loneliness. Ego. And just plain annoying.

9. People see through your bullshit more than you think. Surprisingly, even the weak people will see your bullshit. They go along with you only because they’re weak, directionless, stupid or they don’t want conflict. But they see it too. I see it everyday. To some it’s just easier to let someone else take the wheel of life. I hope that’s not you.

10. Whenever someone is in a rush they always have time to stop at the grocery store. No one is in a hurry until they’re in line. Always. They walked the whole grocery store for two hours. They get in line and now they’re in a hurry. Every time. Simply put: People are assholes and it’s all about them.

11. You put your life in someone else’s hands everyday. When I tell people what goes on at my job they’re shocked. I have friends that work in hospitals and when they tell me what goes on there. I’m scared shitless. I have friends that work in the science field. That organic food you’re buying is a waste of your hard earned money. Those people in the White House aren’t looking out for your best interest. We’re really on our own in this life. Eventually you have to leave the house, hop on a plane a bus or drive a car and eat something and go see a doctor. Good luck.

12. People aren’t against you. They’re out for themselves. False. Yes people are out for themselves. Completely. But, if it means pushing you down a flight of stairs to get what they need. Yes, they are against you and yes you are going down those stairs. Face first.

13. People become less tolerable as you get older. Oh how this is so true. Read everything above.

The most important thing I’ve learned. People are more than just faces or just one of the numbers above.

They are a heart, soul and a story. This we forget. Myself included.

I hate people as much as you do but they are still people.

Everyone really is just trying to make sense of this life and make their own little piece of heaven. Everyone has bad days. Everyone has love in their soul. Everyone’s been in love, is in love, wants to be loved, wants to be in love and God knows we’ve all been broken hearted. Everyone has a story to tell. Talk more to people and you’ll find out that a lot of us are lost, scared, depressed and just downright broken. We really are all the same.

Hard as it is to believe, that douchebag you hate with every fiber of your being. Someone loves them. Hard to believe that someone calls them son, brother or lover. Even harder and scarier to believe is someone may even call them dad.

If we looked at people as to where they are coming from, what they fear and how they’ve been hurt. We would see a different person. We could actually see a person. We could even see ourselves.

There is and will be no such thing as World Peace. I do believe there can be such a thing as hating each other while still maintaining mutual respect for each other.

We all have just as much right to be here. To live, laugh, love, worship and receive love from an individual who is unaware as to what a piece of shit someone else thinks we really are.

Once we realize this and see people as people not the pieces of shit we believe them to be. We will all get along and respect each other’s right to be here and live their lives.

I think we all deserve that and deserve to give that to each other.

We must remain strong or we will join the weak. The organization that wants us all to hate one another.

We are all brothers and sisters. We are all in this together. Let’s not forget.

“This is not about me. I choose not to have any thoughts of harm directed to anyone by me. I am a being of light and love…” – Wayne Dyer

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