Caramel Baileys Rice Kripsies

caramel baileys rice krispie krispies treats

You probably can’t tell by the picture but I took a food photography course. Dude, I just gave up. Setting up props, then worrying about the lighting and then the perfect angle. Am I fooling you that I have this great apartment and the perfect life with the perfect dishes?

Not to mention, you really think I have a marble counter top? Pfftt…

If you know me and you’ve read anything here. Then you know my life and myself are far from perfect. I gave up on that when I was like 14.

Is it me or is my Baileys fascination going a little too far? I think my Rice Krispie craze is going a bit too far. Because you can never go too far with Baileys.

I decided to see if I could make a Baileys Rice Krispie treat after much success with the Butterscotch Hennessy Rice Krispies. Those are amazing by the way.

The Caramel Baileys Rice Krispies are a combination of two of the best things God has blessed us with. Werther’s Caramels and Baileys.

I recently dropped a Werther’s down in a bottle of whiskey. Keep you posted on that. I’m hoping that turns out pretty bad ass.

I drink a lot of Baileys. Especially during the summer. Baileys in an iced coffee is the cats pajamas. When people see my coffee drink. I get so many damn comments about how much milk I put in my coffee. When I retort with, “It’s Baileys asshole. Leave me alone”.

I get… “Oh, that sounds delicious”. It is, get your own and still leave me alone. Why don’t coffee shops get their liquor license? So much money to be made there.

More importantly why don’t people mind their own business?

caramel baileys rice krispie treats

caramel baileys rice krispie krispies treats

The Caramel Baileys Rice Krispies are a smooth buttery treat. You have to get the Werther’s soft caramels. They give the treats their nice smooth buttery texture. The Baileys is just the gravy.

I guess you could leave out the Baileys but why would you?

Unlike the Butterscotch Hennessy Rice Krispie Treats, Baileys is more kid friendly. I know the kids in my building love it.

When making the Caramel Baileys Rice Krispies one thing to remember. Don’t buy the knock off generic brand Rice Krispie cereal. I generally buy the generic brand of things but there’s two things I’ve learned the hard way not to buy generic. And that’s, food and condoms.

The store brand Rice Krispie cereal that I purchased at my local grocery store was horrible. I think they’d been there since I was a kid myself. Don’t do it. Cheap food is cheap quality. No if’s and’s or but’s about it. Trust me, you’ll regret it.

And cheap condoms? Well, you’ll regret that shit for the rest of your life.

Here’s to baking and living a fun good life!

“Every time you’re able to find humor in a difficult moment. You win!”


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105g. Werther’s soft caramels (17 caramels)
30g. Butter
150g. Marshmallow
100g. Baileys
250g. Rice Krispies

-place butter and caramels in a deep pot and cook over low heat until melted. Stirring constantly.
-add the marshmallows and cook until melted.
-once melted turn off heat and add your Baileys and stir until smooth.
-add your rice krispies and stir until the caramel and Baileys mix entirely coats the crispies.
-pat mixture into a 9×13 casserole dish that has been sprayed with cooking spray
-let set at least a couple hours before cutting

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caramel baileys rice krispie krispies treats