The Laverne DeFazio Cocktail and Friendship

Laverne DiFazio Cocktail Baileys vanilla vodka milk pepsi

I like to consider Laverne DeFazio a good friend of mine. I grew up watching her and I thought she was hilarious with her timing and physical comedy.

Laverne & Shirley came on at 2:30 everyday and I would rush home right after school so I could plop my fat ass down and watch it with my big bowl of fettuccine alfredo. No wonder I was a fat shit.

Laverne & Shirley were my first real friends. Actually my only friends until I went to college. Theses girls paved the way for physical comedy. They got into all kinds of shenanigans.

Growing up with Laverne & Shirley made me want to live with a dipshit friend and just live life fun and never grow up.

Instead I’ve ended up being like Lenny and Squiggy. People in my building are creeped out by me and do the over the shoulder look when I’m walking behind them. Some get scared, some laugh. I’ll take it. Lenny and Squiggy were funny too.

“Go ahead and laugh. Just like they laughed at Columbus right before he discovered Ohio.” – Squiggy

Laverne & Shirley were good friends through thick and thin and that’s how friendships should be. They never let anyone or anything come between them, they were quick with an apology and they were as thick as family.

Laverne and Shirley taught me how to be a good friend, physical comedy is always a crowd pleaser, don’t be afraid to look like a fool and there’s a comedic moment in everything.

Wise words from Laverne. Not only was she a comedic genius who knew she was so deep and philosophical.

The sad part is that Laverne, who was played by Penny Marshall passed away some time back. I was sad but I’ve learned that nothing lasts forever.

Like that time Laverne & Shirley left Milwaukee and moved to California. That was a big move and Milwaukee lost it’s status and became a complete shithole. I hear it’s getting better though. I wish them luck.

No ones going to have a milk and Pepsi like Laverne. Which is surprising because it actually is a good drink and for the life of me, don’t know why Pepsi didn’t run with the idea.

I came up with The Laverne DeFazio Cocktail in honor of Laverne and Penny Marshall. When I drink it I think of all the laughs, good times, my fat self sitting alone and dreaming about living a funny never grow up life.

I sure wish I could share this cocktail with Laverne herself. Although that might not be a good idea considering she died of diabetes. Maybe it was all that Pepsi and milk?

Friendship, cocktails, laughing and loving life. The way life should be.

Lastly, I would like to apologize for my posts being far and few between. I do have some recipes in the bag and have been riding the subway talking to myself. We’ve come up with some pretty good stuff.

The thing that’s keeping me tied up is that I have a side gig that I’m dumping most my time into. I need to make money, since I refuse to be that asshole that has nine million ads on his page before you get to the bottom of the page for a recipe. Can you tell I hate those people?

Please know that I haven’t forgot about you it’s just that you’re not a priority. You’re like my son.

Big things are happening or at least us here at Gus Baldwin like to think so. Stay tuned. Once this goes big then… well, it won’t mean shit for you except maybe better giveaways. Maybe.

“If in Heaven we don’t meet, hand in hand we’ll bear the heat. If the heat gets too hot. Pepsi-Cola hits the spot.” – Laverne DeFazio


The Laverne DeFazio

1oz. Baileys
1oz. Vanilla Vodka

-Add the chilled Baileys and Vodka to a rocks glass with ice
-Add equal parts milk and Pepsi to top off the glass

Enjoy life and laugh. There are enough assholes in this world. We don’t need more.


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