Cookbook Giveaway!

If you have been following me here in New York, you’ve noticed I wave at dogs and give children the finger. Which one day is bound to get my ass royally kicked. You’re also a baker and probably collect cookbooks like myself.

Giving away a cookbook sounds so obvious I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. I probably didn’t think of it sooner because like most things I was putting so much thought into the giveaways I failed to see the obvious easy answer.

Yes, I over-think-to-the-point-I-get-pissed-off-and-kill-any-good-idea-I had-going person.

The best part of the cookbook giveaway is that you will be receiving one of the cookbooks from my very own collection.

Yup, a book that I touched, had in the kitchen, possibly the bathroom, probably spilled coffee on, made notes, wrote profanity and scribbled future images of plated desserts. It’s like a mad man’s diary.

I have those too.

Don’t wipe your ass yet I ain’t done.

The cookbook will be signed by yours truly. That’s right. A cookbook, that I didn’t write, but was so generous enough to sign for you to inspire you to bake.

See, I take the time to appreciate you unlike these big ego chefs who can’t sign their own books. Don’t even get me started on Martha. I’m trying to be nice this year.

I have a ton of cookbooks here at the house and I’ve decided to quit buying more and spend my money at Costco. Better investment, I think.

Please insert your negative hateful comments below. You know you got em! (I’m talking to that bitch in Quebec.)

OK, you have to be signed up for my Newsletter/Giveaway in order for your chance to win. You can’t just visit the site and think you’re eligible. I have to know who you are with an email. (I’m talking to my Mom.)

***Books in picture are only display and are not part of the giveaway.

Actions prove who someone is. Words prove who they just want to be. 

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