Caramel Cookies and my NEW TV Show!

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If you don’t like caramel why bother living? I’ve only met one person in my life that doesn’t like caramel and honestly, I really don’t know why he bothers going on with life. Caramel would be the only good thing he’s got. Sad but true.

Aside from children, the best things in life usually come from an accident. That’s exactly where these cookies came from.

I had always wanted to make a caramel cookie. But every damn time I would make one the butter would separate when I baked them and they were just be a mess. Here we have success. Finally.

I didn’t put anything in these cookies because I felt it took away from the buttery caramel goodness. They are so soft and chewy with the perfect caramel sweetness.

These cookies have become a quick fan favorite and I too am a big fan.

caramel cookies

You know who else loved these cookies? Mr. Seth McFarlane. That’s right. With a little bit of luck and the generosity of the most amazing person I’ve had the pleasure to become friends with. These cookies were introduced to him. Dude loved them.

I’m keeping that in my pocket for when I need a favor from him.

Like my new TV show idea. Nice segway huh?

Are you familiar with the TV show – What would you do? Yeah, its lame and total bullshit. My idea is for a TV show called “Why the fuck would you do that?”

We would set up a hidden camera in either a restaurant, a store, entertainment venues, street corners. Anywhere, because people are just horrible everywhere. Then we would watch peoples shitty behavior.

For example, I was on my way to work one day. As I was passing this church, a lady came out holding her son. She wipes his nose with a tissue and throws the tissue to the ground. I stopped and stared at her and looked down at the tissue. She gave me angry face and walked on.

In my show, when I witnessed this, I would jump out of the van and approach her with cameras and a microphone.

Politely I introduce myself and the TV show, “Hey I’m Gus and we’re filming a new TV show. Can I ask you a question?”

Her all excited like she’s the best thing ever.

“We just witnessed you wipe your kids nose and throw the tissue to the ground and we were just wondering. Why the fuck would you do that?
Her, [Profanity]
“Don’t they teach you in that building to be a good person?” I ask.
Her, [Profanity]

I pitched this show to many friends and they all had the same answer. In our society today we make douchebags like this into celebrities. So the people we approached would probably get their own TV show or company endorsements and become the next Kardashians.

I love my show idea but until we perfect it like these cookies. I don’t see anyone funding it any time soon. Unless Seth McFarlane wants to fund it?

OK, enough tomfoolery. Let’s get baking and living.

Have a great weekend!

Actions prove who someone is. Words just prove who they want to be. 


Caramel Cookies

Makes one dozen

200g. Butter
100g. Sugar
100g. Brown sugar
200g. Flour
1tsp. Baking powder
1ct. Egg
1Tbsp. Vanilla extract
Sprinkle with Sea Salt before baking (optional)

-caramelize regular sugar just as it starts to turn the slightest brown.***See note below***
-add butter in stages while whisking constantly and mix until all sugar is dissolved. It will smell like brown butter
-put into mixing bowl and add brown sugar and vanilla
-mix on low with paddle. Mix will separate and look goopy. Once cooled down add your egg
-mix will come together, whip on medium until smooth and lighter in color
-add flour and mix until dough forms.

Refrigerate overnight.

Roll into balls and bake at 350 10 – 12 minutes. If you like a thinner crispier cookie. Give the cookies a little push down. But have a little respect and wait until those people that like cookies leave the room before pressing your cookie into a wafer.

Depending on the size you make your cookies. You should get a dozen average sized cookies. Whatever an average sized cookie is to you that is.

***OK, I am aware that this can be a intimidating step. Don’t let it scare you. You got this! Place your sugar in your sauce pan over medium heat and keep a close eye on it. You’ll notice the sugar starting to turn brown around the edges. Swirl the pan and keep the sugar moving. Once the sugar is really starting to turn liquid and brownish. Start stirring it with your whisk. When all the sugar turns a light brown. Turn the heat off and SLOWLY incorporate your butter bit by bit. Whisking constantly. Once all the butter is incorporated. Pour into your mixing bowl and finish recipe. I know this sounds difficult and cooking sugar cooking sounds like a pain in the ass. Go slow, you’re new to this. Don’t try to be a bad ass.

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