Whiskey Apple and Brown Butter Crisp & The difference between Crumble and Crisp

whiskey brown butter apple crisp recipe

Crisps are an easy go to for dessert. But don’t let that fool you into their complexity and depth of flavor.

Growing up in the Midwest crisps and cobblers were the thing. They’re the casseroles in the dessert world.

Let’s clear up the difference between crisp and crumbles once and for all. They are the same damn thing.

There is a reason they have two different names and this is the story that was told to me.

Back when crisps were super popular (they still are) The Queen of England’s personal chef made a crisp that she absolutely loved. The chef, however, made an almost fatal mistake like her last chef that dropped the ball with Quiche.

When he told The Queen it’s called a crisp and the Americans are crazy for it.
“The Americans?” The Queen said in disgust.

The Queen politely put down her spoon and signaled for the chef to come closer. She whispered to the chef, “How about I crumble up your balls and put em on top? How would you like that American lover?”

While the chef was sweating and trembling. The Queen looked off into the distance with a smirk and wide eyes, “Crumble? Yes, crumble. I fancy that. Yes, our lovely nation shall call it crumble”.

Relaxing back into her seat, Her Majesty made an announcement to her dinner companion, which happened to just be her dog, “We shall call it crumble my dear friend as a reminder to the chef for his stupidity and near loss of losing his testicles. We shall let the people know about this crumble”.

As Her Majesty took a big spoonful of crisp with a huge smile while looking at the chef.

And there you have it. That is why we in American call it a crisp and England refers to it as a crumble. But it is technically the same thing.

whiskey apple brown butter crisp difference between cobbler and crisp

That’s something you won’t find in History books. They don’t want you to know the truth.

Apple crisp has all the amazing qualities of apple pie except in apple pie I feel the apples get a little too mushy for me. I prefer my apple pie recipe but I love anything I do.

Well, I mean cooking, I do some really dumb shit otherwise.

In apple crisp I feel the apples retain more of their crunch and texture.

The best part of crisp is well, the crisp. Please, don’t be that asshole that eats all the crisp and leaves just apples for everyone else.

This apple crisp recipe is light on cinnamon and the apples are cooked without being mushy. Towards the end of cooking I add in Jack Daniels Whiskey Honey flavor.

I am in love with this whiskey and it’s flavor for fall and winter baking. I have been using it nonstop.

It makes a killer Hot Toddy as well if you’re coming down with a winter cold. It is that time of year.

The big question. The apples. I used Honeycrisp apples. I feel they are the most readily available and are just the all around best for baking. They have the best flavor, they don’t mush up so easily and a big one for me. They don’t have that grainy unpleasant texture.

There is nothing in this world that can trouble you as much as your own thoughts.

Apple Crisp Filling

Makes one – 12×8 baking pan
This is enough for approximately 10-12 people. Unless you’re like my family. Then roughly 2 people.

6 apples peeled, cored and cut into medium dice

75g. Sugar
30g. Butter
6g. Vanilla extract
1tsp.  Cinnamon  (I love and prefer the taste of Vietnamese Cinnamon)
1/8tsp. Allspice
75g. Jack Daniels honey

-combine sugar, butter, vanilla and spices in a sauce pan. Sauté on low for 10 minutes. You don’t want the apples mushy or too soft.
-add the whiskey half way through the cooking process. Let simmer for remaining five minutes.
-spoon mixture into your 12×8 baking pan and set aside.

Brown Butter Crisp Topping

150g. Quaker Oats Quick 1-Minute
120g. Sugar
120g. Flour
75g. Ground walnuts (optional)
226g. Butter, cooked to brown butter

-combine everything in a bowl except butter and set aside.
-cook your butter to the brown butter stage and pour over dry ingredients.
-mix to combine everything together evenly with no flour lumps.
-spoon crisp over top of apple mixture covering the apples evenly with the crisp

Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes. Until crisp has a nice gold color.

whiskey apple brown butter crisp difference between crisp and crumble whiskey brown butter apple crisp and the difference between crisp and crumble

whiskey brown butter apple crisp recipe



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