Coffee Buttercream

chocolate cake coffee buttercream recipe

If you’re looking for a smooth as silk and luxurious coffee buttercream. Look no further. This buttercream is so elegant you’ll want to eat it with a spoon.

I posted this buttercream frosting a long while ago. I was going to delete the post but for some odd reason it seems to be quite popular on Pinterest all of a sudden.

You know what that means? Coffee buttercream is in demand.

Not me. Nobody could give a shit about me.

Let’s put our attention to the buttercream.

I cut the recipe in half from the original and threw in an extra egg yolk making it a bit more rich. This recipe will easily cover an 8 inch cake. The coffee paste in the original recipe is more like a syrup and I found if you use the coffee extract, which is thicker and more paste like, you will get less streaks and much stronger coffee flavor.

coffee buttercream and chocolate cake

This buttercream is like silk. I can’t tell you how much I love this buttercream. It is the most luxurious recipe for buttercream you’re going to find.

If you’re not into coffee. Omit the coffee extract and replace it with some vanilla extract. You could even zest some lemon into it along with the vanilla. Sigh. You’ll be dreaming about this buttercream.

The thing that really makes a buttercream is well, butter. You’re going to want to use a high quality butter. This will make a huge difference in your buttercream.

I have been using Plugra butter for years and I have always loved it and always got great results. The new kid on the block is Kerrygold butter. It’s another European style butter that is comparable to Plugra. They are both great tasting butters with a high fat content that will make your buttercream taste like a dream. You will really stand out unlike that hack Janet with her Land O Lakes bullshit.

Kerrygold butter is gaining in popularity because the butter is from grass fed cows. If this makes you feel better and makes you believe it cancels out the flour, sugar, oil and eggs from the cake you’re going to be putting the frosting on.

Then you have my full support and I will defend your choice to the end. One thing I’ve learned in the last couple years is that your entitled to your correct opinion.

coffee buttercream and chocolate cake

For this recipe, it is imperative to make sure that the egg mixture is completely cooled before you add your butter. If you add your butter when the mix is still warm. You’re screwed.

The mix will come together and look and act like buttercream but guess what? Put that cake out and let it sit at room temperature and your buttercream will slide right off the cake.

I found that out the hard way. Even after the teacher at school told me not to add the butter I did anyway. I figured I knew more than her having never worked in the kitchen before. Like an avalanche, that buttercream cake sliding right off the cake. Guess she knew what she was talking about.

Learn from my mistakes. I sure as hell don’t.

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Coffee Buttercream

3 whole eggs
1 egg yolk
240g Sugar
340g butter, cold cut into pieces
1tsp coffee extract

-whip eggs, yolk and sugar in a mixing bowl over a double boiler. Whip by hand until mixture reaches 150 degrees. About 5-7 minutes.
-put mixture on stand mixer and whip on high until completely cooled. About 10 minutes.
-add you cold butter pieces and whip on high until smooth mixture is formed and there are no butter chunks.
-add your extract last and mix just until combined with no extract streaks

coffee buttercream chocolate cake recipe coffee buttercream chocolate cake recipe coffee buttercream chocolate cake recipe