Excuse me while I have hernia surgery… again.

Almost exactly to the month two years ago I had to have surgery for a hernia. It’s that time again. Hernia surgery #2

Two years ago I had to have surgery on my right side for a hernia. Now almost exactly two years later and I’m having a hernia for the left side. See what I did there? I love that.

The last hernia I had on the right side made its appearance in October and I pushed surgery to January after the holiday rush. No big deal. The initial pain of a hernia starts when that bad boy is coming through. Once he does, you’re good to go for a while.

This year my hernia on the left made its appearance in May. Like the first one it began with intense abdominal pain, I didn’t know what was going on and then boom! There it was. This hernia unlike the last was quite large and predominant. I opted to put off the surgery for one simple reason.

The hernia bulge really helped fill out my swimming trunks. It was a good summer.

Unfortunately no one told me hernias unattended can become painful. Totally worth it though. I looked good.

About seven years ago I had a body lift to get rid of the excess skin from when I used to be a fat fat fatty. One of the side effects of the body lift surgery is hernias. I got them on both sides now.

I am one lucky bastard!

The beauty of surgery and doctors orders is that my assistant won’t let me lift a finger. And I won’t. He made the wonderful comment yesterday, “You know you can be a real asshole sometimes”.

Excuse me for trying to entertain myself since I can’t leave the couch. Jesus! Get a sense of humor.

Now you know way more about me than you probably wanted but I wanted to let you know I haven’t for got about you. We just become so much closer with every post. I’m really falling for you guys. I really am.

I also know you don’t give a damn about me and my well being. I’m doing fine, by the way. I know you are more concerned about what will happen here. You’re as bad as my Mom.

Well, for the first time in my life I’ve planned ahead and have some recipes along with random posts ready to go. Even if I had died in surgery you still would have heard from me until January.  Kinda creepy but that’s how much I care. I do feel I should apologize for the randomness in advance. When I have time to think it can get scary and sometimes offensive. Actually the offensive parts intentional.

Time for another nap. See you next Tuesday!

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