Vanilla Creme Brûlée

vanilla creme brûlée recipe with blackberries

I know its been done a million times before but with good reason. The creme brûlée is a classic that will never go out of style. You here me?! Never!!!

Creme brûlée is a heavenly custard with a deep rich vanilla flavor. Creme brûlée is a dessert that is commonly ordered in restaurants but not made at home as often as it should. Which is a shame because it is so simple to make and so luxurious to eat.

It’s up there with my all time favorite desserts. When I was fresh out of culinary school I used to raid the coolers at work and practically eat myself to death on creme brûlée’s. It was quite convenient because they were in small spoon like ramekins for the buffet. I could just grab one or five each time I went into the cooler. I would make a point to go in the cooler, a lot.

Once you’ve learned how easy it is to make creme brûlée, you’ll be making it all the time. It’s a simple, yet elegant and delicious treat for dinner parties. The best part is when you torch the creme brûlée in front of your guests. Fire always livens up any dull party.

Creme brûlée is Pots de Creme. Until you torch it. Then it’s creme brûlée. Translated into English creme brûlée means cream brûlée. In America we call it custard. Not pudding. Yes there is a difference Mom. Jesus!

I hope you didn’t come here for a history lesson or hoping I’d be serious. I know that there is at least one dipshit that got pissed off reading that. Look up creme brûlée on Wikipedia if you really need to know the history.

I do take my recipes serious though.

cooking and baking ingredients vanilla creme brûlée custard recipe


My dear friend Pepper gave me these ramekins and I was so over joyed and thankful. I couldn’t wait to crank out some creme brûlées! Pepper is having a dinner party tonight. I’m not taking creme brûlées though. He doesn’t trust me with fire and I don’t blame him. At all.

A few things to keep in mind when making the creme brûlées. First, use a real vanilla bean. I know they are expensive but for a creme brûlée they are totally worth it. You could even double my recipe and still just use one vanilla bean and get fantastic vanilla results. Vanilla extract is great for cakes and stuff but here? I don’t recommend it. You can get the most from your bean by scraping out the seeds for the brûlée and saving the bean itself in some sugar to make vanilla sugar.

Second, I like to torch my creme brûlées with Sugar in the Raw. You get a much easier and even burn with raw sugar. Torching the creme brûlée can be a difficult task if you’re not familiar. I know pastry cooks that still screw it up. If you can’t find or don’t want to buy the sugar in the raw you can make a close substitute that torches nicely. Combine 2Tbsp of sugar with 1tsp of brown sugar. This will give you a nice even burn for your creme brûlées.

Give a nice even sprinkle over your creme brûlées before burning. It’s better to have a nice light coat of sugar than to have too much. Too much and you will burn in spots and not cook at all in others. It’s difficult to tell you exactly how much sugar to place. This is something you will have to learn by doing. You’ll get it. I believe in you!

“Stop playing it safe.” – Richard Branson 

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Creme Brûlée

Makes 6 – 4oz ramekins

1 pint heavy cream
3Tbsp sugar
7 egg yolks
1 vanilla bean

-In a sauce pan, combine the cream and sugar.
-Slice the vanilla bean down the center, scrape down the bean, removing the seeds and add into the cream mixture. Bring to a simmer. (reserve your bean in sugar to make vanilla sugar)
-Slowly stream your simmering cream mixture into your yolks while stirring with a spatula.
-Pour the mixture into your ramekins and place your ramekins into a casserole dish and pour warm water half way up the ramekins.
-Bake at 300 degrees for 30 to 40 minutes. They should not be runny but should give a bit of a jiggle when you shake them.
-Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before torching.

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vanilla creme brûlée baked custard vanilla creme brûlée custard recipe

vanilla creme brûlée baked custard recipe