Heavenly White Cake

best recipe for white cake and vanilla frosting

This fluffy, vanilla, buttery, melt in your mouth sponge cake is what makes baking a dream.

Where’s all my condensed milk fanatics? This recipe is for you!

We share a common bond, you and I.

For the longest time I’ve wanted to make a white sponge cake using condensed milk. My brain wants to use condensed milk in everything. I often try, sometimes to no avail. Not this time sucker!

So here it is, the heavenly white sponge cake.

A lot of trial and error went into this cake. Which generally makes me a raging lunatic and shout “Fuck this life” a lot more than usual. But not this time.

The new self help book I’m reading about self compassion must be really helping. Or it could be the fact that I got to eat all the errors. Tough call.

best ever white cake recipe heavenly white cake recipe

A good old classic white cake like my condensed milk one never goes out of style. There’s just something about a classic well done cake that can’t be beat.

Bonus points if you have a cake stand with a lid. Old school diner cake stand with a gorgeous cake inside.

My favorite thing in life is diners. Sitting at the counter, eating your omelette and drinking your coffee. Right in front of you is the cake on its stand covered with a lid. It’s like watching a fish bowl. It’s so relaxing, peaceful and comforting. You create a backstory about the cake, that some Mom actually works in the diner kitchen, all smiles and making cakes for free just because she likes taking care of the customers.

You’re sitting there with your cup of coffee, day dreaming about Mom in the kitchen. Looking like a complete psycho.

Am I the only one that does this?

vanilla cake with vanilla frosting white cake with vanilla frosting

What I’m trying to say is, that this is that cake. Sit down with a cup of coffee and a good slice of perfectly crafted cake after a home cooked meal.

This is your new go to cake recipe. It’s classic and will go with any butter cream recipe you wish to cover it with. Mix it up and go crazy.

It has a beautiful crumb and cuts beautifully, keeping its shape.

Butter cakes have a tendency to dry out but I’ve had no problems with this cake recipe. You have a great cake for days.

“Stop playing it safe.” – Richard Branson


I hope he’s referring to career and living an exciting life and not sex.

This recipe makes one 8 inch cake.

Heavenly White Sponge Cake

3 ct egg whites ( 120g )
120g. Water
200g. Cake flour
200g. Condensed milk
100g. Sugar
11g. Baking powder
113g. Butter
Pinch of salt
6g. Vanilla

-combine egg whites, water, condensed milk, and vanilla set aside
-combine flour sugar salt baking powder and butter and mix in mixer using the paddle attachment, until mixture is crumbly and mixture is like sand. Do not over mix!
-slowly add in your milk mixture slowly in two stages mixing until incorporated after each addition
-once all the milk mixture is in whip on medium speed for an additional minute. Mixture will be smooth.

Bake 350 until golden – approximately 35-45 minutes.

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best recipe for vanilla cake and vanilla frosting white cake recipe with vanilla frosting gorgeous white cake recipe with vanilla frosting



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