Chocolate Buttercream

chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream

This buttercream is extremely decadent. Smooth as silk and superbly rich. You’ll want this one in your repertoire for when you need to impress someone you hate so you can show them how awesome you are. That way they hate you more. Thus making you happier. 

Buttercream can be a finicky thing. Too loose, making it impossible to frost your cake and it falls off the cake. Overly sweet and grainy from the sugar. Some just taste like pure butter. It’s difficult to get that balance.

My Chocolate Buttercream recipe is almost like a pudding consistency. Super soft and creamy. It accompanies a chocolate cake perfectly and goes just as well, if not better, with a good yellow sponge cake.

When I first graduated culinary school my dear friend asked me to make her wedding cake. I despise wedding cakes but with my Moms help, who is a cake genius. I thought, “What the hell”.

Plus I was still on a high after graduating culinary school and thought I could do anything pastry.

I trotted off with picture in one hand and coffee in the other and thought it would be a breeze.

Wedding cakes are anything but a breeze.  I hate them and brides to this day and I will never say that I will never do them again. But, until I have to and desperately need the cash.  Then, no. I will however, gladly recommend someone for you.

chocolate cake with rich chocolate buttercream devils food cake with chocolate buttercream recipe

I won’t go into detail but I fucked up a couple things. One of the many things that I screwed up was the buttercream. It was bad.  I’m still not sure exactly what I did to this day. I mean I have my theories, but whatever.

The mixer was making a horrendous sound and for being on high it was having troubles going around. It was like I was trying to mix bubble gum. I knew there was a problem but didn’t want to show my concern. I wanted to look confident and show my Mom I knew what I was doing and all was under control. More importantly, I didn’t want her to regret spending so much money on culinary school.

After witnessing all my earlier screw ups and now the buttercream. I hear my Mom yell out, “How the fuck did you graduate?”

I should have known I couldn’t get anything past her. I learned everything about baking from her and I thought I could make the sound of a mixer screeching to whip a buttercream, which should be effortless, seem like it was normal?

Well, I did graduate and at the top of my class might I add. Doesn’t say much for the school does it?

I like to think I’ve come a long way since then. God I hope so anyway.

I think you’ll agree that I have if you make this buttercream.  If you think the buttercream sucks. Please email me and let me know and I will reveal the name of the culinary school that I attended.

Off you go with another fabulous recipe and a fantastic week ahead of you.  Let me know how the buttercream worked for you!

It’s OK to be angry. It’s never OK to be cruel. 


Chocolate Buttercream

200g. Brown sugar
50g. Cocoa powder ( I used Hersheys )
250g. Cream
250g. Butter
pinch of sea salt

-cook over low heat sugar, cocoa and cream just until sugar is melted. Stirring constantly. About 5 minutes.
-transfer mix to mixer and whip in mixer until cool.
-add butter and salt and whip until the mixer comes together and is a nice smooth buttercream.

Tips & Tricks – Make sure you whip the chocolate mixer until it has completely cooled down. This is vital. Do not over cook your cocoa mixture or cook at a high heat. Your buttercream will end up grainy.

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chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream recipe chocolate cake with rich chocolate buttercream devils food cake with chocolate buttercream recipe


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