The Middle Class Baileys

homemade irish cream baileys knockoff recipe

Back at it. I love my Baileys. I was going to call this The Poor Man’s Baileys but I’m not quite there just yet. I am working on it however. 

Thankfully to marketing Baileys has gotten expensive. Sure there are other brands on the market that are equally good and some are even better in my opinion.

It does get expensive when you’re killing a bottle of Baileys a week.

Not good. I know. I’ve stopped.

Here’s what happened when I stopped. I lost weight. Quite a bit of weight. Who knew that a bottle of booze loaded with cream and sugar would make me gain weight? Not to mention wreck my liver. I almost forgot that part.

You are now informed. You’re welcome.

And you just thought I had recipes. I know some things.

This doesn’t mean you and I can’t indulge once in a while. Right?

Of course we can. Indulge? Hell, with the Middle Class Baileys you’ll be drinking Irish Cream like you got money.

Come to think of it. Everyone drinks like they have money. Can’t pay rent and my cars a beater but I got my booze.

homemade irish cream baileys knockoff recipe

This is a quick fix, no fuss, not overly icky sweet Irish Cream. No offense Martha.

Have you ever had a BK Mocha Joe from Burger King? Go get one and try it out. Then dump my Irish Cream recipe in your ice coffee at home. Huh huh? Quite tasty isn’t it?

God I wish we could hug right now.

Except my best friend Brandi. It’s summer and she sweats like a farm animal. Her words not mine. Don’t email me.

A quick fix of Irish Cream on the cheap and you are out the door on your way to….

Well, if you’re making Irish Cream from Nesquik and Jameson I’m willing to bet you’re not on your way to anywhere important or anything that just has to be done for that matter.

Lottery tickets maybe? I got mine yesterday. Since I’ve been making my own Irish Cream I have more money to buy lottery tickets. It’s about damn time I started thinking about my retirement.

Wish me luck because then you’re giveaways will be spectacular!

Speaking of… are you signed up for my newsletter/giveaway? Well then, how are you going to win? Don’t you want free stuff?

“Must be nice to have money” – says every mom everywhere.


Middle Class Baileys


14oz.                Bottle of Nesquik
1/4c.                 Condensed milk
1tsp.                 Instant coffee (I used Maxwell House)
1/2tsp.             Vanilla
1c.                     Irish Whiskey – (I used Jameson )

-combine the instant coffee with the vanilla and let that mixture fully dissolve
-then add the rest of your ingredients, stir to combine and refrigerate
-you’re done…. enjoy

Other Baileys Inspired Recipes 

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homemade irish cream baileys knockoff recipe

homemade irish cream baileys knockoff recipe

It’s nice and all to put your Middle Class Baileys in a fancy bottle but that bottle takes up a lot of space in my tiny NYC fridge. So it goes in an old spaghetti sauce jar. Do what you gotta do.

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