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Summer Clearance – This months Giveaway

It’s that time of year. The big Summer Clearance that we all love.

All the stores are getting rid of their summer clothes to make way for the miserable dreaded heavy winter clothes.

We all rush to the store and scoop up all the shorts and T-shirt’s at a dirt cheap price. Stow them away in our closets where they sit all winter.  We drag them out at the first sign of summer and realize that our fat asses don’t fit into anything we bought.

It happens at every single summer clearance around the world.

Will we ever learn? I know I haven’t and I know I won’t.

When I think of Summer Clearance it reminds me of when I first moved to New York. I was waiting for the train late one night when I got talking to the guy next to me on the bench. Cool, down to earth guy who was a writer, comedian and waiter. Didn’t see that coming.

Late one night I ran into him and one of his coworkers. They were talking about work and just the randomness that you see around New York, the lives people live and our coworkers who are real pieces of work. We were cracking up. New York makes for one hell of a show that you just can’t seem to put down into words. You have to experience it.

When the train pulls into a stop and this guys coworker jumps up, throws his scarf around his neck and yells, “Summer Clearance out!!”

The guy gives out a giggle, tells him goodnight and he’ll see him tomorrow.

Noticing the confused look on my face the guy fills me in. “His alter ego is a 55 year old black woman whose name is Summer Clearance”.

Got it!

This has been stuck in my head for many years. Whenever I see the Summer Clearance Sale roll around I think of that night.

I wanted to tie Summer Clearance into one of my giveaways somehow. Here it is.

I was shopping for a jar opener because I’ve gotten old and those damn things just keep getting harder and harder to open. When I saw the Summer Clearance sign and it made me smile.

Here is your months giveaway from me. The Summer Clearance Sale Giveaway. I found some dishes, a cookout style platter, napkins and a cocktail shaker that you can store away for next summer.

You won’t have to worry about getting too fat to use cookout supplies that’s for sure. You can, however, blame the cookouts for why you don’t fit into your winter clothes.  Then you can blame me for giving you the cookout supplies.  “I had to use them. I won. What was I supposed to do?”

Make sure you are signed up for my Newsletter/Giveaway for your chance to win.  It’s as simple as that.  

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