Lemon & Polenta Olive Oil Cookies

lemon polenta olive oil cookie cookies recipe

I like corn. It’s a summer staple if I’m not mistaken. I don’t see corn used in pasty often enough. I’m out to change that. Until I get distracted.

Did I tell you I was on vacation!?

My folks took the whole family to Disney for a family vacation. What was my favorite part you ask?

Seeing how miserable everyone was. It was brutally hot and humid. Florida in August. Who wants to go!?

I saw a Dad grab his son by the shirt and yank him to his face, “Knock off your shit or we’ll go back to the hotel and watch TV.”

I laughed. Made my day.

I overheard another Dad threaten to punch his kid in the face.

We need more Dads like them in the world. I wanted to buy them a beer.

My all time favorite encounter though.

We were in line to grab lunch when the cashier asked “How are you today?”
“I’m awesome” I replied.
She grabbed her sunglasses reached them out in front of her and slowly placing them on her face “I’m magical”.
“Whoa! You’re doing a whole lot better than me!” I said.
She leaned over to me and whispered, “I’m a totally different person when I leave here though”.

I stood there laughing for what seemed like five minutes.

I can totally relate. Luckily for me I work back in the kitchen. I don’t have to deal with guests so I don’t have to be kind and smile. I don’t have to do it in the kitchen to my coworkers either. And I don’t.

I had visions of this lady being the nicest thing ever. So sweet and funny during the day then when she leaves work she’s the meanest bitch you’d ever want to meet.

The security guard sees her coming and he already knows.
“Have a good one Edna!” He says smiling.
“Eat shit Frank!” she says, also smiling.

He just smiles and nods his head, “That Edna”.

Edna and I would get along just fine if we worked together.

lemon polenta olive oil cookies recipe lemon polenta olive oil cookies cookie recipe

As usual I got sidetracked. I made the polenta olive oil cookies because there is a coffee shop near my apartment that has a corn and blackberry cookie. It is delicious so I had to make one.

I liked the corn idea but it was a little too sweet. I added lemon to cut the sweetness and added olive oil for a more softer cookie. The olive oil also adds a more earthy flavor.

When choosing an olive oil for the cookie make sure to choose a fruity olive oil. Some olive oils have a peppery or spicy flavor. You don’t want that here.

Make sure you use corn meal or polenta for the cookies. I can’t stress this enough. If you use corn flour you will end up with a cake like cookie and a bit on the dry side. An interesting flavor in itself and maybe something you can experiment with but not here, not now.

I think these cookies will become a quick favorite of yours. They are a nice change from the usual chocolate or oatmeal blah blah blah cookies.

Plus you can eat a lot them and won’t feel so stuffed like the usual chocolate cookies.

Like that stops you anyways.

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Lemon Polenta Olive Oil Cookies

200g.             Sugar
50g.               Brown sugar
100g.             Butter
50g.               Olive oil   ( I used Olivaroma Extra Virgin Olive Oil )
150g.             Corn meal  ( I used Bobs Red Mill )
200g.            Flour
2 ct.               eggs
1/4tsp.          Baking soda
Zest from one lemon

-cream together the butter, olive oil and sugars until light and fluffy and pale in color
-add your eggs and combine
-add the flour, corn meal, baking powder and lemon zest and mix until a dough forms

Bake at 350 degree for 10-12 minutes just until the sides turn a little brown. Makes about 15 cookies.

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lemon polenta olive oil cookie cookies recipe lemon olive oil polenta cookie cookies recipe lemon polenta olive oil cookie cookies recipe lemon polenta olive oil cookies cookie recipe

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