Baileys Marinated Duck Breast

baileys marinated duck breast recipe

This is the recipe that started the wine videos and is probably the recipe that I make the most. Duck and a solid wine is the best meal in my opinion.

The duck was the first thing I asked Jame’s to pair up with his wine pairing super powers.

This is a fantastic recipe that makes the duck just want to stand alone. However, to be paired perfectly with a wine from Jame’s makes this dish get even better than we imagined.

At first you will notice that the duck gets a nice dark color to it almost appearing burnt. Don’t let this alarm you. This is from the sugars in the Irish Cream. There is no burnt flavor whatsoever to the duck. You just get a nice gorgeous almost caramel like sear.

Then the spice sweeps in and lastly you finish with the sweetness of the Irish Cream.

We have a perfect balance of sweet and spice with the intense flavor of the duck. An absolute favorite of mine.

James can explain as to why the wine works so well with the duck. Be sure to check out the video below.


Shardana, Valli di Porto Pino 2008

Shardana, the name the Phoenicians gave to the natives of Sardinia, hails specifically from the extreme southwest coastline of the Sulcis cape, having the perfect terroir for carignan grape: sweeping white sand, steep vineyards and a dry & hot Mediterranean climate.  Producers Neil and Maria Empson in conjunction with Santadi winemaking team make this sublime, voluptuous red blend of 85% Carignano (carignan) grapes and 15% Shiraz. The wine has richness of brooding, black fruits like black cherry, blueberry and black plum, coupled with seaside minerality, rustic herbs and black pepper spice. Its depth of flavor and length on the finish are reflective of the stark landscape and old world of charm of this emerald island.  The perfect pairing to this bailey’s duck but could also go with any red meat, especially a nice ribeye. It is the perfect wine to savor and feel transported to a shimmering night sky along the turquoise blue coastline of Sardinia.

Check out the video as James goes more in depth about the wine.

As always thank you all for checking out the video and we really hope you try the recipe or the very least grab a bottle of the Shardana.  It’s also a nice sipping wine as we get into the fall weather.

Be sure to check out our last wine video pairing.


2tsp          Chinese five spice
1/2c          Irish Cream   (I used Baileys)
1/4tsp      Cayenne
1#             Duck breast

-pat the duck dry in case there is any blood or liquid.
-sprinkle the chinese five spice and cayenne on the duck and rub the spices in good
-transfer to a bowl or plastic bag and add your Irish Cream
-let sit in the refrigerator over night

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Baileys marinated duck breast recipe baileys marinated duck breast recipe baileys marinated duck breast recipe