Yes, another gift card but also a bonus! – August Giveaway

Yup another gift card this month as a giveaway. For two reasons. And they’re good ones too. You’ll understand.

Number one: I’m on vacation for the first two weeks of August. Don’t rob my apartment. Generally vacations aren’t that stressful for me because I normally throw a couple pair of underwear, swim trunks and a toothbrush in a backpack and I’m ready to go.

I brought on an assistant which I thought would make life easier, has only made it harder. Everything’s an over the top production. Take the easiest task you can imagine and now make it the most difficult thing in the world. There. Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with him. You have an idea as to how a two week vacation to Florida is playing out.

Second: Damn it! I just ran out of time. I have ideas and cool stuff that I want to do for giveaways and they’re coming I promise. They have to be done right and I didn’t want to half ass them.

I thank you tremendously for hanging in there with me and you won’t be disappointed. If you are disappointed well then you’re probably just an unhappy person to begin with that sucks the joy out of life anyway so why are you here?

This is where the bonus comes in. Not once but twice!

I will be choosing two people to receive a gift card. Don’t wipe your ass yet I ain’t done!

When I go to CVS to pick up your gift cards I will meander through the store and pick up random items to throw in the box with your gift card. If you’re familiar with CVS then you know it is ridiculously over priced for common goods. Look who’s spoiling his readers.

Two people are in for a treat.

Will it be something from the “As seen on TV” section or the summer clearance section? The suspense is killer!

If I go in after work, that usually means I’m hammered and boy does that make for some weird shit. Even I will wake up to a kitchen counter top full of wonder.

Now I’m not sure who is more excited about this months giveaway. You or me?

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