How fearing what we know can be our motivator.

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We all have fear. For reasons only we know. We may not even know. I think it’s what you fear that says a lot about you.

“You have fear. Do not ask why.” – Osho

I fear what I know.

What I’ve dealt with personally. What I’ve witnessed. What I know will happen.

Getting married. In a relationship. Get a job, work 9 to 5, retire and if you’re still in good health travel a little bit and then die.

I fear what I know.

I fear everyday will be the same. I fear that person who only knows one topic of conversation. I fear someone who is afraid to cross the line. I fear the safe route. There’s no adventure there. You can’t laugh at the punch line if you see it coming a mile away.

I fear predictability. The guy who says the same thing all the damn time. I fear going to the same job for 30 years. I fear having to pretend to like someone I really don’t. Actually, that’s not a fear. I’m really upfront with that and I like to let you know.

I fear small talk. I fear the “How was your weekend?” conversation. I fear asking and I fear getting asked.

I fear the person that can’t be themselves because they fear being an outcast, bullied, or laughed at. You should fear these people too. They’re called conformists and can do damage in large numbers.

I fear someone who can’t talk openly. I fear not being able to be free.

I fear life not being fun.

I fear what I know will happen. The mundane day to day life that everyone seems to be living.

I don’t fear the unknown. The unknown might take me somewhere exciting. No matter where it takes me it will be an adventure. If nothing else it will make for a great story with your drinking buddies.

Thank God for my Mom because she taught me how to survive and laugh while doing it. I know I’ll be just fine.

I don’t fear that line being crossed. I don’t fear someone’s fucked up humor. It’s a way to open doors and start a conversation.

Unknown fear is a waste of time. I can’t predict my oncoming heart attack or stroke. I’m 99% sure it’s coming. Can’t do shit about it. Why fear or stress myself about it? When my stroke limits my ability to walk down the steps I’ll move to a first floor apartment.

The unstable guy at work or online who’s a sarcastic joke away from snapping and opening fire on innocent people? Can’t prevent it so not going to fear it. The unknown event of an earthquake or terrorsist attack? These will happpen but when or where? Who the hell knows.

We live in constant fear of what? We don’t know but it may happen.

I believe our time is better spent, taking the fear of the known and actually doing something about it.

Everything else is just a waste of time.

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