Why we prefer to shop online

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More and more people are ordering things online. The old me thought this was sad and I felt it was eliminating jobs and obviously the malls, big stores and local mom and pop stores.

Then the new old me thought. “I’d rather order online too.”

If you’re going to ignore my email order for the first 15 minutes. I won’t know. If you want to be on your phone and take your time filling my order. Again, I won’t know.

When I’m standing in front of you at the store and you’re ignoring me because you’re on your phone or you’re just blatantly rude because, me, a customer made you do your job.

Then I say, goodbye store and hello internet order.

I was at the grocery store not too long ago with my assistant. I prefer to go through the self check out because I usually hate the cashier and she’s rude as hell. I was right yet again this time too. Now it’s not even a game because everyone’s a miserable fuck.

Anyway, for some reason, he likes to go through the line with a cashier.

The cashier without acknowledging us or our “Hey, how are you?” rang up our order, turned around, walked over to the cashier next to her and started talking about what happened the other day.

Im not going to lie and say I was in a hurry. We all know I have nowhere to be or anyone to see. It’s the principle. I stood there with my “What the fuck are you doing?” face. Did not phase her in the least. You know why? Because rude people with zero manners are the new normal.

You know why it’s the new normal? We tolerate it. Not only do we tolerate it, we defend it. I deal with it at work on the daily. If I had told her she was a rude bitch and that I hoped a computer took her job some day. She would be offended and I would be on the news as a horrible person for what I said.

I was at the bank trying to make a withdrawal when the ATM wasn’t working. Shit. Now I have to go in and deal with the teller. Sure enough, she grabs my withdrawal statement through the window, holds it up in the air and lets out a, “You could have done this at the ATM!”

After just standing there and staring. I leaned forward and said, “It’s not working”.  No apology, just a gruff and she finished the transaction.

“Thank you!”.  Nothing.

We feared computers and self check outs were going to take our jobs. Now, it seems like we want them too. We’ll still complain there are no jobs, of course.

You know what you want and you know how to get it. It’s the work and determination that keeps you from achieving anything.

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