Strawberry Rosemary Shortcake

Strawberry rosemary marinated shortcake recipe

I know everyone does the strawberry and basil combo and it is good. Don’t get me wrong. The strawberry rosemary combo might not be for everyone most likely the whiners who don’t like change and are set in their ways.

Though that group is fun to be around. The risk takers and open minded people are the ones changing the world and getting shit done.

I was once like you. Set in my ways and overweight. So when I heard about the strawberry and rosemary flavor combo. I was a bit skeptic. But again, like you and being overweight. I didn’t turn my nose up to new food adventures.

I used to be friends with this girl who was the pickiest eater. She always whined about she didn’t like this, or she didn’t eat that. Out of curiosity I asked one day, “Then how did you get fat?”

We’re not friends anymore. I don’t know what happened. People come and go I guess.

I worked a summer at a family owned catering company back in Ohio. Super nice people and a great facility. They made great food and still do actually. Carolyn’s Personalized Catering.

There was a lady that worked there who was that bubbly over the top nicest person in the world could never bring her down no matter what happened or work you threw at her life was just the best thing ever. Yeah, annoying as fuck. Great gal though.

One morning at 7am I had a grill full of hamburgers with a pile of boxes of even more hamburgers next to me that I had to grill off for an event. Not fun at 7am. Especially when I hate the mornings. When this gal, literally comes bouncing into the kitchen.

“Good morning Gus!!” She shouts five inches from my face.

I quickly gave her my “Fuck you face” which as I’ve gotten older is now my permanent face.

“Uh oh… you’re not a morning person are you?”

Face. Frozen. She got the point and walked away.Strawberry rosemary shortcake recipe

She is the one who told me she worked with a Chef who did marinated strawberries with a rosemary sorbet. I gave it a run as a special when I worked in Florida and it went over well. I’ve continued to use it to this day and I love it. Instead of a sorbet, I marinate the strawberries with the rosemary. Still well received.

Wonder what ever happened to her? She really was a sweetheart. Hope she’s doing well.

Strawberry Rosemary Shortcakes are divine for summer. The rosemary gives the strawberries a real earthy woody flavor. Careful here though because rosemary can kill a dish and possibly a person.

Have you had something that was overdone with rosemary? Take your breath away.

Strawberry shortcake is the official dessert of summer. Simple and not too sweet. Through it in a bowl, not much work and no fuss. Add cream or whipped cream, however you like it. You can’t go wrong.

It’s sitting on the back porch after a BBQ sun going down listening to the crickets and getting bit by mosquitos.

I’m going to miss you summer.

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Strawberry Rosemary Shortcakes 


You will need one recipe of the Lemon Ricotta Scones.  Omit the lemon when making the recipe.

For the Strawberries:

Take one sprig of Rosemary and place it in a bowl.  Using the back of a spoon.  Smash or press down on the Rosemary to release it’s essence. Then, take 2 pounds of strawberries.  Cut off the tops and cut in half.  Add 2 to 4 Tbsp of powdered sugar, depending on your preference for sweetness.  Combine all with Rosemary.  Cover and place in the fridge.  Every hour or so, stir up the strawberries with the Rosemary to get the flavor of the Rosemary.  Refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Now to build your Shortcakes.  The fun part.  Have out some pouring cream, whipped cream and a shaker of powdered sugar.  Everyone gets to build their own and to their liking. Unless someone puts a stupid topping on, like chocolate sauce.  It should be a good time. Should be.

Strawberry rosemary marinated shortcake recipe Strawberry rosemary marinated shortcake recipe Strawberry rosemary marinated shortcake recipe


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