Shortbread Cookies

shortbread Cookie dough recipe

You know what I love about shortbread cookies? The simplicity.

I’ve always been a simple guy. People that are over the top and dramatic are annoying and just a plain pain in the ass.

They exhaust me. I always look for simplicity. I think simplicity is beautiful.

You ever see those people that look like they tried so hard to be put together? If it looks like you tried then you did something wrong.

Go home and try again.

You know when you try to hang out with friends and there is always that one friend that has to put on a show.

There is always that one in the group that has to come up with some kind of bullshit to put on a show? A million questions for the waiter, this restaurant is too cold, their food is too salty, why don’t they have full sized salt and pepper shakers. Things that aren’t even relevant or necessary to talk about but they make it into their one man show.

These are the people that I lean over to my assistant and whisper, “We never hang out with them again.” We always agree that’s the best part.

I can’t with these people. I can’t even pretend. My assistant can put on a smile and be the nicest guy in the room. He’ll listen to their bullshit and go right along with it.

Me? Nope. Can’t do it.

Maybe he’s right. I’ve just become mean.

shortbread Cookie dough recipe shortbread Cookie dough recipe

That’s why I love shortbread cookies. They are simple and fantastic and they know it. They don’t flaunt it or try to steal the show. That’s what makes them so cool and desirable.

Like the old saying goes, “Beautiful things don’t ask for attention”.

That’s why that family whom I can’t stand and won’t even say their name is always crying for attention. Like fools you give it to them and they’ve become absurdly rich because of. Ugh.

Shortbread doesn’t ask for attention. Shortbread knows it’s bad ass. It’s buttery crumbly fall apart melt in your mouth crumb where the hell is my coffee now cookie is just what the doctor ordered. My doctor orders meds for me but I don’t get them filled. Which pisses him off because he’s trying to pay his fancy car off.

Another beautiful thing about the shortbread cookie is you can dress it up and take it out. Dip her in chocolate, add some fruit jam, stack em up or make them a base for mousse dessert. Crumble them on top of some grilled peaches and ice cream.

Summer’s passing. Now go!


225g. Butter, cut into pieces
50g. Brown Sugar
50g. Sugar
350g. Flour
Pinch of salt

-combine all except butter in mixing bowl with paddle attachment
-add butter and mix on slow just until dough forms.
-roll out into a 12 to 13 inch log shape
-cut each cookie 1/2 inch thick
-bake at 350 approximately 10-12 minutes. The bottom may have a little brown but you definitely don’t want brown on top.

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shortbread Cookie dough recipe shortbread Cookie dough recipe shortbread Cookie dough recipe shortbread Cookie dough recipe